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Spring 22 NURS 3605 Exam 2 Blueprint

Exam 2 Blueprint – 50 questions
Engage Fundamentals Module Learning Objectives
• Describe the significance of the balance between caloric intake and energy expenditure in
relation to weight gain and loss.
• Explore findings associated with a client’s nutritional status.
• Discuss therapeutic diets and supplements used to meet nutritional requirements.
• Review nursing interventions to assist client’s in meeting their nutritional needs.
Managing Client Care
• Describe the nurse’s role when providing and managing client care.
• Describe issues nurses must address when managing client care.
• Discuss body functions related to the production of urine and feces.
• Explore expected and unexpected findings related to elimination.
• Discuss conditions that alter a client’s elimination patterns.
• Examine the use of diversions to manage altered elimination.
• Identify diagnostic tests related to elimination and the nurse’s role in obtaining specimens.
• Discuss nursing interventions that can facilitate or maintain a client’s elimination patterns.
• Review the role of the body in maintaining the first line of defense against pathogens.
• Explore the impact of hygiene on health.
• Discuss client specific factors that can affect hygiene practices.
• Describe procedures for providing hygiene-related care in a safe, comfortable environment.
Tissue Integrity
• Discuss factors that contribute to tissue integrity.
• Explore assessment findings related to tissues integrity.
• Discuss nursing care for a variety of wound types.
• Discuss complication of wound healing.
• Discuss nursing actions to promote wound healing.
• Identify purpose and components of the health record.
• Discuss types of documentation in a health record.
• Discuss guidelines for accurate documentation in a health record.
• Explore legal considerations related to documentation in a health record.
• Explore the use of technology in nursing education and practice.
• Explore the use of technology in providing and documenting client information.
• Discuss how health literacy and information management affect client outcomes
Professionalism and Leadership
• Discuss professional behaviors that are consistent with those of a nurse.
• Identify the purpose of accountability and responsibility in the role of the nurse.
• Explore leadership styles and the related characteristics of each.
• Discuss the nurse’s role when functioning within an organization.
Dosage Calculations