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Hello Grade 8 learners! It’s
time again to set on another
journey of learning English 8.
Do your best and enjoy each
of the activities provided.
Every author holds opinions that affect his/ her discussion of an
issue, opinions that you as a reader must try to recognize and understand.
An author can be biased for or against something. An author shows bias by
leaving out information or by altering facts to force the reader to take a
certain action.
Critical reading requires that a reader recognizes bias in writing.
Without this recognition, the reader may become the victim of the writer’s
This lesson will serve as your guide in examining biases (for and
against) made by the author.
Directions: Read and analyze each item, then write the letter of your answer on the
space before each number.
_____1. What does it mean to show bias?
A. To be angry
C. To refuse to take a side
B. To favor one side over another
D. To show knowledge
_____2. It is a statement that reflects an author’s or a writer’s personal point of view, belief,
perspective, feeling and value towards an issue or topic.
A. Fact
C. Opinion
B. Loaded Words
D. Overstatement
_____3. These are emotive language that are used to gain support or sway opinions or an
A. Exaggerations
C. Loaded words
B. Generalizations
D. Opinions
_____4. Which of the following statements is an example of author bias?
A. Filipino hospitality is known all over the world
B. Philippines, according to surveys, is one of the most visited countries in Asia
C. Philippines is the best place for vacation.
D. Philippines has pristine beaches that foreigners can visit.
_____5. “Things go better with Coke”. The statement is____________.
A. Biased because it highly promotes the product Coke.
B. Biased but it is against the product Coke.
C. Unbiased because it is the result of a study
D. Unbiased because it is true.
All human beings are biased. We all have opinions for or against certain people,
objects, or ideas.
Bias is an undue favor, support or backing extended to a person, group or race or even
an argument against another. Biases exist in cultural context but creep also into various forms
of academic life and in literature as such as sexuality, gender, nation, religion, subjects and
general life. It is a single- side or one- side illogical and non- neutral support of a viewpoint or
against the other side. Etymologically, it came from the French word “bias” which means angle
or slant.
A bias author may not pay attention to all the facts or develop a logical argument to
support his/ her opinions. Its purpose is to convey a certain attitude or point of view toward the
subject. When we evaluate the writing of others, we should be careful to look for author bias.
Just because an author may have strong opinions doesn’t mean she or he can’t write in an
unbiased or valid way about a person or idea.
Author bias can be recognized by looking for certain problems with their statements
which include:
a. Using emotional or loaded statements
b. Using overstatements or exaggerations
c. Using opinions rather than facts
d. Using broad, sweeping statements or generalizations
e. Using statistics
✓ Using emotional or loaded statements
“Loaded words” is a persuasive technique that has also been called emotive
language and often used to gain support, sway opinions, degrade others, and push an
“This car will be a game-changer for
you and your family; it will bring you all
together in ways you never thought
“This car is big enough to fit a family of
four comfortably.”
✓ Using overstatements or exaggerations
Exaggeration or overstatement is used to lay emphasis and stress on the given
idea, action, feature, or feeling in a remarkable and heightened manner.
“This car is the best value on the
market today. You won’t see this price
anywhere else”.
“This car costs 1M, which is in the
average range for this model”.
✓ Using opinions rather than facts
An opinion is a statement that reflects an author’s or a writer’s personal point of
view, belief, perspective, feeling and value towards an issue or topic.
“I would say that the brakes on this car
will last for at least five years”.
“Safety testing showed that the brakes
on this car model can last up to four
years, with proper maintenance”.
✓ Using broad, sweeping statements or generalizations
A generalization is a broad statement or an idea that is applied to a group of
people or things.
“You don’t want to buy those Brand X
cars. All those models are terrible”.
“The performance statistics on our cars
show that they outperform other brands
in reliability”.
✓ Using statistics
Numbers and statistics are manipulated by the writer to change the way we
think about the topic or issue.
“Over 500 customers preferred this car
“Based from the sales report, this car
model was the best pick by our
Directions: Read each scenario, then write BIASED if the situation shows bias, UNBIASED if it is not.
________1. Sarah has never worn a piece of clothing made out of wool. She has never
touched wool, as she has always refused. She says wool is scratchy, itchy, and
too warm.
________2. David is a Filipino food vlogger. He always displays Filipino cuisines in his vlog
and tells his viewers that Filipino foods are the best compared to other Asian cuisines.
________3. Maria is an avid fan of GMA teleseryes. She doesn’t want any other teleseryes
in other TV networks because for her, GMA is the best.
________4. According to ourworldindata.org, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the
world having 2.4 billion users.
________5. Google has the largest index of websites in the world according to textmetrics.com.
Let’s Assess
Directions: Read and analyze the situations, then answer the question by writing the letter of
your answer.
________1. “The idea that the death penalty will get rid the country of drugs is simply wrong. It is
an inhumane, ineffective punishment and is never the solution”. – (Champa Patel, Amnesty
International’s Director)
What is TRUE about the statement?
A. Death penalty is the solution to all problems in the country.
B. The author condemns death penalty.
C. The author is for death penalty.
D. The statement is neutral about death penalty.
________2. Which of the following statements is a biased statement?
A. Mr. Dela Cruz has taught at the school for 20 years.
B. Mr. Dela Cruz had 40 students in his class last year.
C. Mr. Dela Cruz is the best teacher in the entire school.
D. The principal praised Mr. Dela Cruz for being One of the Most Outstanding
________3. I think the iPhone is the best consumer product ever. That’s what I feel about it. You
wouldn’t think about leaving home without it. (Tim Cook)
Which of the following options is the author biased about?
A. Consumer
B. Home
C. iPhone
D. Product
________4. The Philippines is where Asia wears a smile. Beautiful products can only be made
by happy people. (Imelda Marcos)
Which of the following sentences best described the statement?
A. The statement is exaggerated
B. The statement is true.
C. The statement makes use of a generalization.
D. The statement makes use of a statistics.
________5. Filipinos are not reading people, and despite the compulsory course on the life and
works of Jose Rizal today, it is accepted that the Noli and El Fili are highly regarded
but seldom read. (Ambeth Ocampo, Rizal Withought the Overcoat)
Which of the following statements is TRUE about the statement?
A. The statement is biased against the Filipinos.
B. The statement is biased for the Filipinos.
C. The statement is true.
D. The statement is unbiased.
Directions: Study the following situations. Identify what the writer or author is biased
about in the statements. Write the letter of your answer.
1. iPhone is very beautiful and sleek but prices for apple products are way too high.
When it comes to storage, iPhones do not come with an SD card slot so the idea of
upgrading your storage after buying your phone is not an option.
A. apple products
C. iPhone
B. card slots
D. storage
2. Death penalty in the Philippines is unnecessary because crime rates have fallen even
without it. Studies abroad could also not find strong evidence that death penalty deters
A. Crimes
C. Evidence
B. Death Penalty
D. Philippines
3. PLDT Home Fibr is the most powerful broadband suited for households with its
superior network Fiber- to-the-Home (FTTH) technology that allows families to
experience equal upload and download speed up to 1Gbps.
A. Broadband
C. PLDT Home Fibr
B. Downloading
D. Uploading
4. Online education allows learners to attend classes from any location of their choice. It
also allows schools to reach out to a more extensive network of students, instead of
being restricted by geographical boundaries.
A. Bounderies
C. Online Education
B. Comfort
D. Schools
5. Video games are bad for your health because they are addictive. Video games make
you prone to violence and aggression, so don’t play them. They are a waste of time.
A. Addiction
C. Video games
B. Health
D. Violence
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Let’s try this:
1. B
2. C
3. C
4. C
5. A
Let’s explore and Apply:
Let’s Assess:
1. B
2. C
3. C
4. C
5. A