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Weekly Tasks

-make sure all classes get their roll sheets filled out
-do the teacher roll
-enter college and students roll into BVCMS
1. Go to wjbc.bvcms.org
2. Enter login info
3. Click Organizations
4. Click Search
5. Go to Program > Sunday School
6. Go to Division > Student Ministry or College Ministry
7. Click blue Search button below
8. Click on the grade’s roll you want to enter. Ex: Eighth Grade Boys
9. Go to Meeting tab
10. Click the green “Create New Meeting”
11. Enter in the date of that Sunday’s rolls
12. Click Show > All & Enable > Editing
13. Go through & check students who were present
14. If there’s a guest, you click the green “Add Guest” Type in the first 2 letters of their first and last
name and they should pop up. Sometimes for brand new guests, you have to create a whole new
person all together.
15. After you have accounted for everyone, just click Organizations > Search again and it will take
you back to the Student Ministry or College Ministry Rolls.
16. After doing this with all the grades, you’ll go back to Organizations > Search and be on the home
students roll page. Click the blue cloud in the top right of the page.
17. Click Rolls Sheets under Reports
18. A tab will pull up where you’ll put the next Sunday’s date and time and then click Create. It should
save as a PDF and then you can print it. The College Ministry prints their own out.
19. Put new rolls in correct folder in the bin and take back upstairs on the ledge for the next Sunday.
Make sure all folders have pens and guest cards.
20. Give any filled out guest cards to interns for them to write notes to visitors.
-update small group folders (take old sm group questions out of the binder and replace with new
questions. Make sure all binders have a pen and guest card.)
-make sure all small group leaders get their binders and return them (Libbie currently keeps up with the
rolls for these)
-send out Facebook and email reminders about the schedule for the night
Other tasks
-Write receipts and turn into Donna when we receive cash or checks. The receipt books are in the main
office in the gray cabinet in the workspace whenever you run out of one. You have to check those out
with the receipt numbers in the office for auditors. You can see examples of how receipts are supposed to
be done through my old receipt books. Never throw a used receipt book away as auditors need them.
-Receipts are not required for online sign-ups, however, keep those up to date in a spreadsheet for
budget purposes.
-Do POs and check requests in Shelby. Reimbursements are check requests and go to Mona.
MasterCard, Sam’s, Walmart goes to Russ. Kroger & Hobby Lobby goes to Mona. Any other check
requests also go to Mona.
-Order registration cards, promo posters, tshirts, etc. for events. I make sure all of our dates are right on
this stuff, get a logo from Tracy, then order.
-put announcements in bulletin, website, weekly email, etc. Use the publishing form that Paul and Tracy
send out.
-check Tracy’s weekly bulletin info to make sure that the student info is correct
-attend monthly support staff meeting
-attend weekly staff meeting
-order food for camps, retreats, special events, etc. All the special event stuff should be pretty well
documented on the drive as far as what all needs to be done for each event, but I will try to do a
-make sure medical release forms are updated for students before events. There is a filing cabinet in the
back office where all these are kept. We usually get parents to fill out a new one at Parent Link in the fall
because they are good August-August. I update these every August with the new dates on them and
email it to Carrie and Paul so it can get on the website.
-we don’t have food in the Courts on Wednesday nights in the summer, so I would usually order pizza or
whatever- depending on the event
Specific Events
Parent Link
-send out mail and email reminders
-gather promotional info (ie brochure with all the upcoming dates)
-order food
-have a sign up sheet with emails to get on the parent link email
-have parents sign up for events they are interested in helping with
-order some helpful material for parents such as books or Bible studies
Hub City
-order registration cards, promo posters, tshirts, etc.
-make a social media schedule with interns for posts
-order food (small group leader meeting, donuts/drinks for Sunday, snack food/coffee for leader room,
pizza/chips/drinks for Saturday lunch)
-make host home packet
-send out participant info/parent letter/medical release form
-schedule parent meeting
-have a check in desk at parent meeting for balances, med release form, participant info, questions, etc
-get all receipts from host homes
-do reimbursements for host homes
-do check requests for speaker and band
-make small group packet
-small group leader list
-break down small groups/host homes
-make luggage signs to put in courts, signs for leader rooms, etc.
-make booklet with notes, schedule, etc for the weekend
-set up tshirt table/check in downstairs in the lobby. This is also where they’ve put luggage in the past.
Get several parents to help with this process.
-Set up tables upstairs for pizza to be out. Get several leaders to help with this.
-put weekend on the Resource Calendar
-get communion supplies
-think about what to do for the worship experience on that Saturday evening
-take group picture on Sunday morning
-keep up with all receipts for POs and check requests
-hand out filled out med release forms to host homes
-give any medicine that students bring to the host home leader
-get plenty of bottled water for leaders and students
-make supply list
-students not signed up list
-students by grade list
-get gift cards for leaders
Spring Retreat
-order all breakfast food from Sam’s
-do check request to Linden
-check request for speaker and band (if applicable)
-social media schedule
-order registration cards, shirts, promo posters
-schedule parent meeting
-mail out parent letter, participant info
-make supply list
-make packing list
-make small group leader packet
-get transportation
-put any transportation of the church’s we’ll need on the Resource calendar
-give binder with med release forms to camp nurse
-make signs for rooms for where students are staying
-make leader only signs
-recruit leaders to help with breakfast/late night snacks
-small group list
-rooming list
-take shirts to camp (set up table and hand them out on Sat night) Have students wear on Sunday
-take group picture on Sunday
-girls room checks on Sunday morning before breakfast
-students not signed up list
-students by grade list
-set up check in area at the Courts
-any extra check requests for interns
Senior Recognition Sunday
-send out parent letter that includes a reservation card
-put in bulletin
-set a registration date
-order food
-keep spreadsheet with full names, school attended of students (send for bulletin and video)
-send all senior pictures we receive to the video and bulletin person
-get decoration for Senior Sunday (should be able to get all of it from Hobby Lobby)
-get senior gifts
-get plates, forks, etc.
-set up room
-double check bulletin and video to make sure all names/schools are correct
-keep up with receipts for POs
-receipt people’s payments and turn in to Donna
-overcommunicate with parents
-make a graphic
-make an announcement for the weekly email
Middle School Camp
-order promo posters, registration cards, tshirts
-have students bring a water bottle
-get bottled water
-get late night snack food from Sam’s
-make name tags (on the Y drive)
-order lanyards and tags
-pack lanyards
-gather med release forms, pack them
-make sure medicine bag is up to date, pack it
-make a supply list
-make a packing list
-pay deposit and full payment to the Grove
-check request for band and speaker (if applicable)
-pack all lighting and sound equipment
-recruit leaders/adult chaperones
-students not signed up list
-students by grade list
-small group leader list
-small group breakdown
-send out parent letter and participant info (on the Y drive)
-pack shirts to bring along with sign up sheet so students get the size shirt they signed up for
-get transportation
-bring movies in case of rain or for a late night
-small group leader packet
-assign leaders to be in charge of food
-assign a camp nurse (give alll med release forms and medicine bag to them)
-buy and pack lots of sunscreen
-bring Gatorade coolers so students can refill water bottles
-have students bring bedding, towels, snacks, tennis shoes, etc (all on the participant info in the Y drive)
-keep in contact with parents about the week
-set an early registration price and deadline
-put the schedule on the back of name tags
-room checks before we leave the last morning
-do final sweep to make sure nothing was left behind
-bring coffee and snacks for leader room
-arrange all speakers several weeks out/what their passage or topic is
-print out The Grove consent form (everyone must sign- even leaders)
-put someone in charge of team challenge time and rec time
-have games before every main session
-pay for transportation
-pay for tshirts
-rooming list
-have an intern make devotionals
-make logo
-make a sign in area at the Courts
-order pizza for the first night’s dinner. Chips, drinks
-have students wear camp shirt on last morning for picture
-pass out shirts on the last night
High School Camp
-get transportation/pay for it
-get hotel rooms for early crew
-give early crew a credit card so they can eat (have them keep up with receipts)
-receipt anyone who gives cash or check
-keep up with sign up list
-give medical release forms and medicine bag to camp nurse
-assign a camp nurse
-check requests for band and speaker
-have a sign up sheet for leaders to pick their free time responsibilities each day. (ex: pool from 1-3,
beach from 3-5)
-set leader meeting times
-schedule parent meeting
-send out parent letter and participant info
-order registration cards, promo posters, tshirts
-room checks on last morning
-do easy food on the last morning- donuts or poptarts that they can just grab and go
-order food from Sam’s
-assign a food leader
-order catering or get a cook for other meals besides breakfast
-order coffee for leaders
-hand out tshirts on Thursday afternoon
-take group picture on the beach Thursday after dinner
-get hotels for bus driver
-send itinerary to bus drive
-make name tags with schedule on the back
-assign someone to be over team challenges and rec time
-team challenge member list w/leaders
-students by grade list
-students not signed up list
-small group leader list
-bus list
-bring movies for bus ride
-plan late nights
-make sign up list for volleyball/make a bracket
-make packing list
-make supply list
-bring coffee cups and other paper products that will be needed
-small group list
-family groups list
-set times for leader meetings while at camp
-pack lots of suncreen and aloe vera
-bring several coolers to keep cold water and allow students to fill up their own water bottle that they need
to bring
-have a rules meeting as soon as you arrive at camp to prevent confusion
-hand out name tags as soon as students arrive
-make spotify playlist
-make an early crew
-make sure there are several adults on each bus
-rooming list
-have someone take video and photos
Transit Night
-send out parent letters to new 6th graders
-send rsvp card with letter with date they have to RSVP for
-keep sign up sheet
-order food
-get decor
-set up
-keep up with receipts for POs
Fall Kickoff
-brainstorm ideas
-order everything we need for kickoff (ex last year we had to get all kinds of stuff for the color war)
-order food
-get prizes
-keep up with receipts
-be attentive to new 6th graders
-registration cards (lots of students bring guests so this is a good way to keep up)
-set up a registration area
-we usually order shirts or something fun like that just to promote bringing friends and building excitement
for the school year
-have plenty of chaperones
Christmas Party
-come up with theme
-set up the loft with Christmas decor
-maybe set a focus on charity (competition between small groups)
-decide on food and order it
-make sure hotel rooms are booked
-rent vans/use the one we have (we usually need 2 or 3)
-put van use on resource cal
-recruit leaders
-keep up with sign up sheet
-send out schedule to participants