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Vancouver, BC, Canada
+1 234 234 2323
Software Engineer
October 2020
Developing performance sensitive backend of a market leading classified platform using
Go, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Redis, Kubernetes.
● Created constant positive impact on anti fraud metrics by developing various
features (data validation, notifications, interface changes) and implementing A/B
tests to test hypotheses. Working with a high degree of uncertainty,
synchronizing development across 4 teams in close collaboration with PO.
● Developed a service for marketing campaigns. The service includes API handlers
for targeting and asynchronous processing to deliver perks to users. Implemented
features saved time for the marketing team and enabled complex targeting for
marketing campaigns.
● Developed a new search filter for over million daily users. As a feature driver,
created a core microservice and coordinated development across 3 teams under
strict deadlines of the advertisement campaign.
● Developed a new customer support workflow for the feature with image
submission and text recognition. New approach reduced customer support cost
without affecting the customer satisfaction level.
● Taught myself Go and created an implementation of a resource control
management library in the system with over 1000 microservices which is actively
used in the API testing on the department scale.
Senior QA Automation
Cloud Communications
November 2019 October 2020
Backend for file storage and synchronization services.
● Build a load testing framework containing Websocket, REST API, file storage
testing features using Python, Gevent, Locust, Grafana, Docker, Kubernetes. It
was done under tight HW and time limits to test hypotheses and add load testing
to CI pipeline.
● Implemented validator and parser for over 4000 declarative tests in JSON format
with features like aliases and macroses. The feature helped to identify dead code
in a project, validate test code and enable autocomplete.
● Developed new features and maintained testing framework (Python, aiohttp,
RabbitMQ, MySQL, AWS). Despite the legacy codebase, found ways to expand
code coverage for present and new features.
Senior QA Automation
Embedded SW Labs
June 2016 November 2019
OTT media services and Telecommunication Software (DRM, streaming).
● Developed a multicomponent server-side application for production SW signing
process which requires transfering gigabytes of data. The process starts with a
JIRA request and ends with a signed and tested build delivered to the initiator.
This application freed the team about 4 hours daily and made the signing process
predictable for initiators. Technologies used: Python, Bash, GitLab CI/CD, Docker.
● Created web services to replace 3rd party dependencies and deployed Kubernetes
infrastructure for testing from scratch including monitoring. Technologies used:
Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Heartbeat.
● Built an end-to-end testing framework for iOS/Android from scratch using Python,
Appium, Cucumber with Page Object pattern. Framework consists of backend API,
DB and device adaptation layers with Allure as a reporter. Taught 3 people to
develop and maintain the framework, tests and infrastructure.
● Created solution for embedded SW testing (secure boot) on electronic devices
using Python, PyTest and relay for controls.
Go, Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes,
service-oriented architecture, Scrum
Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI"
Master of Technology - MTech, Electrical Engineering
2008 - 2014
Professional scrum master I - Scrum.org - #680161
Kanban System Design - Kanban University