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Essay No. 1

Euhann O. Bercasio
BSEd-English 3A
A. As a future teacher, how will you implement or facilitate a learner-centered
teaching? Provide three (3) implementation plans.
The teaching profession is considered ‘Mother of all Profession’ for nothing.
Providing graduates of doctors, engineers, architects, and all other professions are
being taught by the teachers. But how did the teachers manage to do all of these?
They did it because they let their students learn by allowing them to learn on their
own. They let their students do work as if they are already a professional in their
chosen career. They facilitate learner-centered education. This kind of education makes
me wonder, how can I do it if I am already a teacher? According to Becton Loveless,
creating a student-centered classroom is not that easy thus he gives tips that can make
a learner-centered learning environment a reality. First, Make the Classroom into
Community, wherein it lets the student speak while the teacher listens, interjects, and
facilitates conversation when needed. By this, the students may not only involve in the
education process, but it also gives them the opportunity to interact with other students,
and share their ideas with the class. By this, the students can show their capabilities
that were not able to demonstrate in the teacher-centered classroom. The second is
‘Develop Trust and Communication’ because we can’t create a community inside
the classroom if there is no trust and communication. This must be done at the
beginning of the year since there are instances like having a transferee or not being
with their previous classmates. As a teacher, we acknowledge what they are trying to
say or do inside the classroom so that they won’t develop inferiority to their classmates
also to the teacher. For the third implementation plan is ‘Create an environment
where mutual respect and a quest for knowledge guide behavior–not rules’.
It means that we have to do classroom activities that will help them to engage without
thinking about the rule. We must let them engage in all of activities that will foster
mutual respect and encourages learning without limit. There are many more tips that
will help us in implementing learner-centered classroom, but I believe that these first
three is must to establish since it has been said that it is not easy to create a learnercentered learning environment.
The three implementation plans above is a bit too much for a teacher since every
year we encounter different students with different attitude towards learning. What we
to do is retain our patience in doing these because it will truly benefit our students
especially in their learning and on dealing with their classmates. If the students feel
that they belong on the community the teacher trying to build, they will give their trust
and communications will be an easy access in the environment where mutual respect
and the quest for knowledge is present. Therefore, as a teacher, we must be
courageous in trying new ways of teaching because we will also benefit on the result of
such activity. And thus makes the statement “Teaching profession is the mother of all
profession” true to all.
Loveless, B. Developing a Student-Centered Classroom. Education Corner. Retrieve from