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Daily activities: What do you do? Where do you work? Where do you go to school?
Describe your daily routine. What do you do early in the morning? What do you do in the
afternoon? What do you do late at night? What do you do on weekends?
Weather & seasons: What is the weather like in your city or town? What is your favorite
season? What season is in your city or town?
Family: Tell me about your family. What do they do? Where do they work? How do they like
their job?
Clothes & accessories: Describe your clothes or someone’s clothes?
Jobs: Describe the activities and answer the questions What, Where, & How
REMEMBER: These questions can vary or be changed, so you must practice.
Don't panic, and speak with confidence!
nd support your answers
Practice leads to mastering your grammar.
Practice leads to being confident.
Practice makes you perfect.