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The Good and Bad of Social Media
Social media is good because of all the cool things that are available at the touch of a
button. Whether it be contacting distant relatives, reacting to your friends new post, or
checking to see you got that text back. Social media is also bad because of all the hateful and
fake people on the platforms. It is very easy to go on a phone or computer and search up a
social media website and create an account without your real identity. Many people do this so
that they can cyberbully other people and get a laugh out of it. This is unacceptable since
cyberbullying is a huge problem in today’s society. It can lead to self-harm or even suicide.
A good example of why social media is helpful is that you are able to stay in touch with
your family. Its very easy for us to send photos or even facetime a relative if we miss them
instead of having to mail them pictures. Social media is also a great way to raise awareness for
an illness or a cause. Lots of influencers take themselves upon social media to rase a cause or
awareness because of how fast they can spread information.
Another great example of social media is how easy it is to find and apply for jobs.
Instead of having to ride around looking for places hiring, you can just search for places hiring
near you. It also makes as a great marketing tool for business. Companies are able to push their
advertisement out to a lot more people worldwide.
At least 25% of teens have been bullied in person, when up to 43% of teens have been
victims of cyberbullying. A person is affected differently by being bullied in person than if they
were to be cyberbullied. In person bullying would consist more of your damage to personal
items or physical harm to someone. Cyberbullying is different because things can get leaked out
for the whole world to see and make fun of. This can lead to self-harm and suicide. Suicide rates
for teens have gone up 50% since 1990. Lots of the children who are behind the bullying came
up from bad parenting or even no parents, so they don’t really have anyone to teach them right
from wrong.
Another bad example of social media is sex-trafficking. This is another big issue in the
world and social media has a huge part to play. Strangers/Predators are all over every social
media platform, It is the easiest way for them to find and stalk their next victims. They make
fake accounts and lie about their age, where they live, and who they are to try and become
your “friend”, so that they can take you into sex-trafficking. They don’t target specific genders
or ages. They prey on anyone who is vulnerable to them. Even though social media can be good
in some ways, there are lots of evil people and things that go around that you must be aware of
to protect yourself from harm’s way.
https://www.lifespan.org/lifespan-living/social-media-good-bad-and-ugly (Links to
an external site.)