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kcr project

University of Venda
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Biokinetics, Recreation and Sports Science
Project NO 1
After the world economic recession, the government in general face great challenge in
creating jobs for the millions of South African graduates, the department of trade and
industry together with the department of economic development had advised majority of
youth in South Africa to focus on starting their own business and create jobs for others with
focus based mainly in (Tourism, Commercial Recreation, Hospitality and Travel industry
amongst others). Government tasked institutions such as NYDA to facilitate the funding of
business organizations in South Africa. As a professional graduate in recreation and leisure
service you are requested to establish your own organization that will render service in
commercial recreation and tourism industry. You are advised to draw a sound business plan
as a requirement to get funds from NYDA.
NB : You are expected to submit your 15 typed content pages project on or before the 12 August
2022 @ 12:00.
Presentation date will be announced in class…