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Mr Holland's Opus Project

INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus. On a separate sheet of paper,
handwrite your responses to the following questions. Please make sure your answers thorough
and complete. This project is due no later than May 9, 2022. Late work will NOT be accepted.
1. Many educators and parents believe that music should be part of the regular
curriculum for all students in public schools and that individual music lessons
should also be available from elementary school through high school to those
students who want them. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.
2. Do you think that most students can be introduced to classical music through
popular music? Why or why not?
3. Did you think that Mr. Holland was a good father throughout most of the film?
Give your reasons.
4. Compare how Mrs. Holland responded to her son's deafness with the manner in
which his father responded.
5. Why did the filmmakers include the scene in which Mr. Holland was describing
Beethoven's deafness to one of his classes? What were they trying to tell us?
6. Did Mr. Holland approach his teaching with a view to the ethical principle of
"caring?" Please give examples from the film.
7. What made Mr. Holland a particularly good teacher? How do his actions
demonstrate the ethical principle of citizenship?