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How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
S - Substitute
What are other things that they can do instead of playing gadgets?
Instead of playing gadgets, they can get involved with their peers by doing outdoor activities
like playing soccer.
Instead of playing games and using social media, what other apps and contents that are more
appropriate for them?
There are other usages of gadgets apps that are beneficial for children like educational
games and schedule planner.
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
C - Combine
What are other activities that they do while playing games that can actually benefit them i.e.
educational games?
There are some games that can enhance learning abilities of children like Duolingo, Quick
Maths, Crossword Puzzles and so on.
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
A - Adapt
What would we need to do to encourage children to not always stick with their gadgets?
- Parents can be an example to them by leaving their mobile, tablet, and laptop aside for a few hours
every day. Engage in alternative forms of entertainment or hobby classes. Use this time to spend time
with their family and kids.
- Involve them in activities that require them to leave the mobile and other gadgets aside.
Change their routine and make sure their free time isn’t being synonymous with screen time.
When they would be allowed to use their gadgets?
- They would be allowed to use their gadgets when all their work is done such as homework and helping
around the house.
- They can use their gadgets when they are alone, stop them from playing phones when they are around
other people so they can socialize and not becoming a socially awkward person later.
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
M - Modify/Magnify
How can we adjust/limit the contents of the gadgets allowed for them?
- Parents could set their kids’ devices to shrink the possibility of misusage by their kids for example
restricting adult content. This can be done by using many 3rd party apps.
What can be done to adjust the time for them to use gadgets?
- Parents can set parental control on their kids’ devices so that they can use it for a certain amount
of time. Parents must keep mobiles and other gadgets in a way that the kids cannot access
them at will, and they must know when they are using it.
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
P - Put to another use
What are the benefits if the gadget is used for better purposes?
- Nowadays students can learn without the assistance of their parents and teachers. They
use their gadgets for their lessons and use online libraries to prepare their homework too. It is
very helpful for them to improve their skills and knowledge through this well-equipped
What are other way to encourage children to use gadgets wisely?
- Parents must convince their kids that their gadgets is not a toy that they can play around with,
they must make it clear for them that their smartphone is there for some reason. For example, it is for
safety purpose. Their kids can call them whenever something bad happening to them or their friends.
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
What would happen if we totally forbid the usage of gadget for the children?
How to deal with children’s
addiction to gadgets?
R - Reverse/Rearrange
What would happen if we just let the children play with gadgets without supervision?