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6-09-2022 OLR-Rise Perf-Eval

DET3 – WHS Team Members
Reflect on the following and answer the best you can. If you do not have anything for a
particular topic then think about how you can fill in that topic this upcoming year.
1. How have you impacted your department? Did you implement a change?
Improve something? I have impacted by department by being the lead CPR
instructor and policy holder for CPR policy, making sure our CPR certified ratio is
on par with the policy
2. How have you impacted the site? Was it a project? Participation in Gemba,
RMI’s, Launch activities? I’ve impacted the site by being apart of the launch team
and implementing the AED inspection and AED policy to ensure site is complaint
with OSHA regulations for AED accessibility
3. Have you done anything that impacted other sites? Share a best practice? I hope
to reach out to other OMR’s at other sites this upcoming year to exchange helpful
tips, ideas and other projects to possibly implement at DET3
4. DEI - How have you promoted DEI in your org? What intentional actions have
you taken? I am an active member of women @ amazon and has been active in
the group, especially during women appreciation month
5. Projects – list any projects and provide metrics where you can.
I hope to start a specialized team of AM’s/OM’s who are masters when it comes to
injury writing, reporting, CPR/AED and first aid certified. This specialized team will be
able to support the building if safety is not on site when it comes to WRI.
Due by: Thursday, June 16, 2022 (No Exceptions!)