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Updated Executive Director Questions

Laura Hayes
1. We have important sources of income to cover our costs: donations, fundraisers, and
grants. In acquiring funding, which one do you feel is your strongest area, and which one
do you feel is your weakest area? Tell us about a specific time when you had to secure
donations from the public? Describe your most successful fundraiser and/or grant?
2. What Legislative functions have you attended in the past, and results from these
JB Akers
1. Describe a time when you had disagreement with leadership, and how you resolved it?
2. Scenario: A parent/donor complains to you that they do not like the musical selections at
a recent program. This mostly centers around their belief that the music was in some
way problematic based upon the composer, nature of the lyrics, religious context, etc.
They disclose they discussed this with staff with no resolution. The parent/donor
threatens to post this issue on social media to portray ACC in a negative light if you do
not order creative changes as Executive Director. What do you do, if anything?
Jane Fouty
1. This job will entail working with diverse people of every aspect, including but not limited
to culture, nationality, educational level, socio-economic background, personal
preferences, etc. Tell us about how well prepared you are to deal with these
2. How experienced are you with preparing, presenting, modifying, and executing a budget
and budget strategy? During an audit/analysis, what are some indicators you’d use to
assess our organization’s health and viability?
1. What would you be excited about if you were part of the ACC Family as the Executive
2. What do you consider to be your strengths that will directly contribute to ACC’s goals of
diversification, immersion into the community, and collaboration with school music
1. ACC is in a period of major changes with a new Artistic Director, Selina in a support role,
and searching for a new Executive Director. Tell us about a time when you had to lead
through a significant change in your work organization. What was the change? How did
you lead others to embrace it positively? Would you have done anything differently?
2. Share some examples as to how you would team-build/relationship build with the Artistic
Director, Board of Directors and other ACC staff.
1. Working for ACC as the Executive Director is a labor of love, time, and commitment. As
you know, performing arts organizations do not usually follow the 9 to 5 schedule, and
require work at varying times of the day. Do you foresee any issues with handling the
full Executive Director duties: scheduling and leading meetings with staff, various
committees, volunteers/ assistants, donors/ grantors; distributing and collecting
information to and from families; organizing events; writing up to 25 grants a year;
managing office staff duties and hours; keeping inventory; and balancing budgets; etc…