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English Language Learners Lesson Plan - Conversation Circles

5 E's Lesson Components: ELA English Language Learners Day 1
Mentor Teacher:
Junior high with students in 4 rows
Date: Rotation Day:
of 3-5 students. There is much
Subject/Grade Level: English Language Learners
diversity among students. This is the
Room: 15
English Language Learners’ stream,
Concept: Conversation circles can help amplify students’ verbal, conversation where many students have been in
skills and give them the tools they need to express comparisons and contrasts
the country for around 1 year or less
between two different topics
with a primary language other than
Program of Studies Knowledge Outcome: UNABLE TO LOCATE
Safety Consideration:
Previous Knowledge:
No safety concerns identified
Students explored comparisons
through a writing assignment the
week before. They also engaged in
If virtual:
Lesson can be performed online via zoom, with the teacher taking over conversation circles around the topic
of social media a few days earlier.
If technology does not work:
Use whiteboard for majority of visuals
I. Engagement/Explanation: (10 minutes)
(Jamboard activity on similarities and differences)
Go over different sentence stems for comparisons
_______ and ___________ both show
__________ and _____________ are similar because
Compared to _______, I think this is more _______
Learning Materials:
Electronic Materials:
Powerpoint presentation link
to guide lesson (Cao, 2022)
This is different because ______________
This is less ____________ than __________________
__________ is___________, but ____________ is
_________ and ____________ are different because
Introduce the topic:
o It could be about describing different foods they like amongst
each other
o Sports – basketball vs. soccer
o Weather – sunny and rainy weather
o Season – Winter and Spring
o Foods – Apples and Oranges
o Technology – Phone vs. Computer
o Country – Canada vs. Another country
II. Exploration: (20-40 minutes)
Break students off into groups 5-6 pre-assigned
Give them a huge piece of paper to record their ideas down
Show them how to draw a graph so they can place down differences
and similarities between both topics
Walk amongst groups
III. Evaluation (10-20 minutes)
Get students to present their ideas to the entire class one-by-one
Try to encourage every student to talk while they are up there
Perhaps record their ideas down on paper
IV. Extension
If there is time left, maybe do a class comparison together on a topic
Students may not have the vocabulary for certain key words
Remind them of the exercise they performed last week
Electronic Materials:
Other resources for conversation circles:
o https://study.com/academy/lesson/esl-compare-contrast-essaytopics.html
o https://www.learnalberta.ca/content/eslapb/understanding_the_
o chromeextension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?pd
Quite fun
Leaned on mentor teacher quite a bit to help with classroom