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-Hello Robert, what are you doing?
-I’m fine, what about you?
-I was sitting and thinking and I would like to hear your opinion on certain questions, if you feel like
answering me.
-Of course, no problem, ask me anything, I'm here to give my opinion.
-Soo the first question is… What do you think the main cause of crime is in modern society?
The reasons for committing a crime include, anger, jealously, revenge, or
pride. Some people decide to commit a crime and carefully plan everything in
advance to increase gain and decrease risk. These people are making
choices about their behavior. The desire for material gain (money or
expensive belongings) leads to property crimes such as robberies and
auto thefts.
- The second question is: Do you think parents should be held
responsible for their children’s crimes?
- Normally any parent should be responsible for his child, regardless of
the situation, at least this is what I think.
- Alright, another question ii would be: How do you think environmental
problems affect our mood?
- Hmm, here I think it matters from person to person, but yes, now studies show that rooms with
strong light, both natural and artificial, can improve health outcomes such as depression,
agitation and sleep.
-Ok, so the fourth question is : Do you believe that society will ever be free from poverty?
honestly don't think so, because regardless of the period, there will be
people with lower incomes and some people with high incomes, so there will
always be poverty.
-I have two more questions to ask, then I'll leave you. One of them is: Why do
you think the younger generation have less community spirit than previous
-In my opinion, newer generations have an increasingly weak community
spirit, because they communicate less and less and go out less often.
-Okk, so the last question is : Do you think the needs of older people are
adequately catered for?
- I believe that older people need more attention, because In my opinion old
age is the most difficult, and attention is needed to meet the requirements of
the elderly.
- Thank you so much Robert. That's it.
- My pleasure. We keep in touch