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[MIL] Preparing for a Campaign

St. Paul College Pasig
High School Department
Media and Information Literacy
SY 2021-2022
Worksheet 2: Preparing for a Campaign
Grade 12
LPO1: Mindful, Self-directed LEARNERS and ROLE MODELS
I am a mindful, self-directed learner and role model, consciously expressing my Faith.
EPO2: Initiate activities that show others that going beyond their customary ways of dealing with things is clearly possible.
Intended Learning Outcome (ILO): Organize the major points to consider in campaign material applying the basic elements of Media and
Information Literacies.
Directions: Media, information, and technology literacy is an important factor in the creation of media. Given a chance
that you are about to create your campaign video about the upcoming election in May, how will you make sure of its
effectivity? In preparation for your campaign video creation, analyze and expound on the following questions in order
to appropriately develop your material. Provide research-based answers accordingly.
Audience and Authorship
A. Why did you make this?
B. Who is your target audience?
C. Why might this message matter to your target audience?
D. What kinds of actions do you expect your target audience to take in response to this message?
Message and Meaning
A. What ideas, values, information, and/or points of view will you make overt? Implied? Why?
B. What will you leave out of this message that might be important to know? Why that/those specific piece/s of
C. What techniques will you use? (i.e., propaganda techniques/audio-video technicalities)
D. Why were those techniques chosen?
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Representation and Reality
A. Where or how do you plan on sharing this with the public?
B. What bases did you consider in making sure this is credible?
C. What were your sources of information, ideas, or assertions? Why did you choose these?
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