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Assignment 4.2

The Flight from Conversation
The article of “The Flight from the conversation” by Sherry Turkle, discussed how
the technology affects every individual and how the people change their way of
communicating because of the technology. She gave a different situation and she
based it in real life, so that she can easily interpret her article. For her, because of the
technology like cellphones, everyone is not good in communicating, because using of
cellphone it distracts everybody.
In her article, shows the way of every person communicate in emails, text and
other social media platforms and it is very different in communicating face to face. For
us, communicating in social media is a very easy way, yes it is, but sometimes we think
that we are lack of verbal communication. And sometimes it has a different
interpretation in their messages. We can’t no longer to see the true expression of our
messages. And if that continue happens, the time will come that everyone is shy to
communicate face to face, because they prefer to communicate nonverbal
Technology is great for us, because it helps us in many ways. Just like of
cellphones, we can communicate using of this, you can text or call your family members
if they are far from you. Technology also saves our time and in doing household chores
we can finish it easily. And it helps us in our school works, you can easily browse in the
internet about your assignments, activities, and etc. But using technology too much will
also affect us in our daily life, for example you don’t want to eat because you are
focusing your games in your cellphone, we forgot to eat. And sometimes you are lack of
sleep. So, we need to manage our time using social media. We limit ourselves in using
technology. We need to be responsible enough for that.