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Zhejiang Hongmin Elevator
Technology Co., Ltd.
Hongmin elevator with innovative elevator technology and
the pursuit of quality, create "wood" series of
high-quality villa brand, in China and the market will
fully implement mutual "Internet +" operation strategy,
reset the world brand cognition, and quickly in China
brand awareness and occupy the market, become many
high-quality villa projects and customers favored brand,
the company has a variety of modern manufacturing
equipment, strictly according to ISO9001, main export to
the United States, South Africa, Arabia, Japan, Italy,
Britain, Russia, Australia, Canada, Spain and other dozens
of countries. Cooperative customers with many clients of
trains, cars, forklifts and engineering machinery,
including over 10 of the world's top 500 companies, have
become an important supplier of their precision castings
in China.
Sightseeing Elevator Car Decoration
Ceiling: Rose gold mirror stainless steel frame, hidden
light strip, LED
Car wall: Rose gold mirror stainless steel, sightseeing
Handrail: Rose gold stainless steel round tube
Floor: PVC (optional marble)
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Head Office Address:
No.10 Guying Road, Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Huzhou
City, Zhejiang Province
URL:Elevator Frame Hoistway