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Exercise 1 (Part 1)

Name: Abdul Ahad Mohomed Azwer
Seneca ID Number: 155036213
Course Enrolled: Global Business Management (GBG) Winter 2022
The biggest decision that I have ever made
In the current stage of my life, I believe that studying in Canada is the best and most sensible decision that
I have made.
The most common reasons for this decision would be better education, better chances, and a better
quality of life. However, this has not always been my intention. I have always wished to contribute to the
development of Sri Lanka.
However, life is short. I have realized that certain things at home may not change for a long time no matter
how hard I try. Therefore, I've decided to find a new place to call home.
There are several reasons for my decision. In my opinion, the direction my country is taking is not the right
one. Sri Lanka is constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The cost of living has risen
drastically. The new government has adopted a policy of isolating and dehumanizing minorities. As a
result, they gained power by divisive tactics, deflecting blame for their incompetence on minorities. The
manufacturing and service industries are in collapse. Social unrest and crisis are on the rise. The private
sector dominated the job market. However, the pandemic has stifled it. Due to uncertainties of the
economy, foreign investors are not confident about investing in the local economy. There will be a severe
shortage of food and essentials in 2022.
My decision to come to Canada was an easy one. Canada is not perfect, but it has a lot to offer and checks
a lot of boxes for me. In terms of financial success, the US offers higher salaries also more financial
opportunities. However, every aspect of life is not solely about money.
When it comes to the political representation of minorities in a western country, Canada is at the top. In
2019 the proportion of representatives in the House of Commons belonging to minorities was 15.7
percent. This number looks low, but Canada has a minority population of 17.2 percent who are citizens.
Compared to Canada, the US has a minority population of 39 percent. The Senate and Congress, however,
only represent 22 percent of them. In Australia, only 9.7 of the total representatives belong to minorities
and only 4 percent of them have one or more parents who are not of European ancestry. The UK only has
about 8 percent of MPs who represent minorities (Griffith, 2019).
When it comes to air quality, Canada is in the top 10 for the cleanest air in the world, the only countries
above it are Iceland, New Zealand, Estonia, Norway, Finland, New Caledonia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto
Rico, and Sweden (IQ Air, 2020).
According to statistics from World Population Review and Sam Gupton of 247wallst, Canada has the most
educated population among all the countries in the world with adult higher education attainment at 60.0
percent (Gupton, 2021 ); (World Population Review, 2021).
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