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Online advertisement is continuously growing. Internet advertising, digital
advertising, or web advertising, is a part of promotion and advertising that makes use of
the internet to promote products and services to target audiences and platform users. In
terms of products and services, even small business enterprises might have an idea and
information about huge business companies. A lot of people right now especially the seller
are doing this kind of advertisement because this is one of the most effective ways to
advertise the product. It can be posted on different social media that are usually visited
by the target customers. However, the seller also takes a risk by taking this kind of
advertisement. They know that a lot of target customers are not really fond of online
advertisements, especially if the target customer is busy with their own social life.
However, advertisers face a critical issue in estimating the real impact of particular
marketing elements in an environment where customer behavior remains stochastic
(Berman, 2018). As a result, organizations frequently miscalculate online advertising
activity, causing irritation and raising questions about the overall efficacy of digital ad
spending (Berman, 2018).
According to studies, 76% of marketers are not using
behavioral marketing data for ad targeting on the internet (Heine & Heine, 2019).
Advertisers also need to consider the choice of advertisement in different places, regions,
or countries.