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ISC Letter Fast Track FGT

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Acknowledgement of Fortinet NSE Training Institute course completion for the
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit program administered by the (ISC)²
This letter acknowledges completion of eligible training hours in fulfillment of (ISC)² CPE
requirements. The Fortinet training supports the maintenance of the CISSP credential.
- Course name: Introduction to Fortinet Network Security
- Date training completed: March 18, 2022
- Number of training hours: 4
- (ISC)² CISSP Communication and Network Security
Retain this certificate for your records, and report your training activity through the (ISC)²
member portal to claim your education credits. For more information, refer to the (ISC)² CPE
portal questions:https://www.isc2.org/CPE-Portal-Questions
Rob Rashotte
Vice President, Training and Technical Enablement
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