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articles-a-an-the level 2

Articles (a/an/the)
Part 1
Complete the sentences below with suitable articles.
1. __________ girl eating __________ ice cream is my
sister. She has __________ sweet tooth and she likes
sweet food. She is wearing __________ pink T-shirt. Pink
is her favourite colour.
There is __________ wet market near our home. Mom
went to __________ wet market to buy some vegetables and
bread. Now, she is in __________ kitchen. She is wearing
__________ chef hat and __________ apron. She is going to
cut __________ vegetables.
3. I had breakfast __________ hour ago. I ate __________
sandwich and __________ apple. I also drank __________
carton of orange juice. __________ sandwich was delicious
but __________ apple was a bit sour.
We are playing __________ board game. It is
__________ exciting game because it is like
__________ race. Whoever reaches __________
finishing grid first will be __________ winner. I am
very lucky today and I always win!