Uploaded by Megz Lagmay


As I have watched the short animation, it shows and depicts the reality about the life of women
and men in society. The woman has to take care of the children, prepare and cook food for the
family, clean and do household chores, take children to school, go to the market, can have at
least a job for extra income, and still cleaning and taking care her husband and children at night.
While the man or the husband has his heavy job and earns more income than his wife, man can
also be an employer, and as he got home, he will be only sitting down and watching movies while
waiting for dinner time. As they were sleeping, they dreamt about the impossible dream, a happy
family in which both the man and woman are helping each other to do household chores together,
look after their kids, and have some quality time. If we are going to look at the essence of a family,
it is having unity, love, responsibility, and connectedness. We have watched that both of them did
what their responsibilities but there is something missing in their family, it is the time to spend
together and the unity by helping to look after their kids and do household chores together. These
days, it is not impossible to have that impossible dream if both parties have the time management
on their work and love is still their foundation.