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Letter To salva From Tre'von (1)

From: Trevon To Salva
One time I had to strive for myself it all occurred when I was
outside then I noticed somebody's dog was climbing over My
neighbors’ fence and then It had started wandering the road
then all of a sudden a car came from down the street and was
heading towards the dog so I told the car to stop then it had
stopped, so I hurried up and got the dog from out of the road
and put it on a leash. So I tied the leash to my backyard fence
and then I took a photo and then and I started making posters
of the lost dog I found and started hanging them up
everywhere on the street and somebody said that it was their
dog so the person met me at a parking lot and I gave him his
dog back. And he was very happy I found his dog for him so
the moral of the story is “It is not what you think on the inside
that matters it is on the outside that matters”. So I told you
about a time in my life when I had to persevere. Now tell me
about a time you had to persevere in your life. And I put this
quote from your story (A long walk to water) “ Just a step at a
time, only a step at a time”. And here is a little story I put
before my And another time, My dog had gone through the
fence and we noticed when we were about to bring her inside
then somebody had put the dog on a leash and gave it back to
us and we were very happy. Thank you for reading this letter.