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Isreal vs Palestine War Presentation

Isreal vs Palestine
How the war started
The crisis was triggered on 6 May, when Palestinians began protests
in East Jerusalem over an anticipated decision of the Supreme Court
of Israel on the eviction of six Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah
The Israeli-Palistian war
The War between the Israeli and Palestinian society has killed many
people , some terrorists some civilians e.t.c. Some Different ,
Dangerous Weapons and Attacks that have been used from both
parties are; 1. Airstrikes 2. Violent and Terrorist attacks 3. Rockets
(some Acquired from abroad ,some domestically produced)eg.A-120
which go up to 12 to 120km , S-40 rockets which go up to 40 km per
range , BM-21 Grad e.t.c 4. MLRS installes trucks 5. Anti-tank
Guided Missiles (ATGMs) against civilian vehicles 6. Explosive VAVs
The reason for the Israeli-Palestinian war
The conflict between the two countries
began with the establishment of Israel
as a state in 1948. The Jewish people
moved into the Muslim land and the
Palestinians living in Israel disliked
Israeli rule.Around the 1990s Israel
agreed to give Palestinians control of an
area called the Gaza Strip. Israel is now
taking over Palestinian territory and the
Gaza Strip and is denying Palestinians’
ability to vote and other rights which is
causing war and conflict between the
two countries.
How accurate are the media versions
The versions on the media seem to be accurate. This can be verified
by checking if the information looks biased or one-sided. All of them
don’t seem to be biased.
The impact of the citizens
Many citizens both in Palestine and Israel are dying due to the war.
And houses, building, apartments, etc… They are being exploded by
bombs and airstrikes. Throughout the conflict more people in
Palestine have died than in Israel. Palestine with a total of 7,978
deaths from 1987 to 2011 and in Israel is 1,503 from 1987 to 2011.
Ways to end the conflict
A donation organization could be started to raise money to be able
to tip off the presidents to stop the war. It can also be stopped by
persuading the presidents of Israel and Palestine.