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Agile cmunication platform assignment Week 2

Student: Jalilova Mohlaroyim
Platform 1
Description and
1) Interface
2) Interface
3) Feature set
Trello is an online tool
for remote work that
helps you track your
work with your
dedicated team.
Platform 2
This is a global tool.
With Basecamp, you
can, amongst many
other things, chat,
exchange documents
and information. If
you like to arrange
files, this tool will
help you better.
The interface is
Basecamp organized
simply made up by 4 - into 7 tools included
5 tab menu on top,
spaces. They are:
and empty window,
massage board,
where you will put
schedule, to-do lists,
cards with need to do automatic check-ins,
tasks for team
docs and files and
something called
campfire, which is
means of chat
channel, specifically
in the place you’re
working in.
It utilizes to work in a
 Social
group of members to
be on a track with
 To-do list
tasks and to follow
 Calendar
and to be aware of
 Cloud storage
each other’s jobs.
It segments members Massage board,
into groups. On the
schedule, to-do lists,
platform, boards that automatic check-ins,
have lists of jobs are
docs and files and
used in the place of
something called
projects. Each of the campfire, which is
lists on the boards
means of chat
4) Mobile
has cards, and in
those cards are tasks
for team members.
More so, you have
access to a limitless
number of tabs,
comments and more
Mobile Interface of
Utello is as much as
easy as in the desktop
version. It has big
green + button to
create your own
board and start your
5) Mobile Utility
It has the same
functions within the
desktop version
6) Multimedia
It can be connected
with e-mail.
channel, specifically
in the place you’re
working in.
In Mobile Interface
you can see more
easier of an overview
of everything that
recently happened
within your ongoing
projects. It is like a
snapshot of your
office or team’s
There is a Calendar;
Tapping me includes
sort of personal
newsfeed which
displays just the
recent actions you
have completed.
And last, there is an
ongoing project listed
And also, you upload
files there.
It can be connected
with e-mail.