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Riverside Prospectus SR Vs9 SP

Nursery Schools
am delighted to welcome you to Riverside Nursery Schools, a
family of five unique and beautiful nurseries set in the London
Borough of Richmond. We provide children with a beautifully
crafted environment in which highly qualified educators motivate
children to learn and become independent.
Via a bespoke and individualised education, delivered with nurturing,
loving care, we encourage the growth of the whole child. This fosters
independent thinking alongside the development of early years qualities
and dispositions such as a child’s awareness of their environment, empathy
for others, communication excellence and above all, self-confidence.
As a group of nursery schools, we strive to instil within all our children
the intellectual, emotional, and physical skills needed to become selfmotivated learners, flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers. At
every opportunity, we support their natural and ever-increasing curiosity
about the world in which they live.
We provide love and support to our children and their families. We
relish the opportunity to get to know and understand every child whilst
watching them thrive in our carefully prepared, warm, loving environment.
We look forward to seeing the children grow into successful, autonomous
citizens of the world.
Please feel free to contact me personally with your questions or better
still, organise a visit to any of our wonderful nursery schools.
I look forward to meeting you and your child and being alongside you at
the start of their education.
Aimee Kimbell
Educating Excellence
for Generations
Riverside Nursery Schools have been
educating children for over 45 years and
have created a bespoke curriculum that
draws inspiration from a range of established
and time-proven pedagogies including
Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Forest
School. The education we provide is steered
by our experience and expertise, combined
with the most up-to-date knowledge of the
latest scientific breakthroughs in both child
development and neuro-development.
Whilst incorporating the seven areas of
learning in the Department for Education’s
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the
Riverside curriculum goes far beyond it,
with a focus centred on developing the five
Riverside Nursery Schools Dispositions in
each and every child.
Getting up when we
fall down, brushing
ourselves off and
trying again
Seeing magic in the
world and conjuring
our own unique
Learning and
respecting the truth
about ourselves,
others and the
world around us as
we learn and grow
Sharing feelings
and experiences
to create a
nurturing and
comforting learning
environment for all
Developing autonomy
and integrity of self
and the abilities to
work both
independently and
to grow
A preparation
for life
A child’s early education prepares them for life. A tailored and rewarding
early educational experience awards them with the tools, characteristics,
traits, attributes and knowledge to succeed in the next stage of their
education and beyond.
Riverside takes a holistic approach to learning that integrates mind, body
and spirit to achieve a rich learning experience in a school community
that gives the highest priority to personal relationships and life skills.
We are passionate about education.
The first seven years of a child’s life is the time in which a child has the
greatest capacity to learn. Children are born with an ability and readiness
to study their environment and are driven to become independent
learners. This drive is fostered at Riverside Nurseries through the freedom
to choose learning activities in our carefully prepared environments.
Curiosity & Individuality
Children thrive when their natural curiosity
is nurtured by the careful guidance of our
experienced educators in an environment in
which they are free to explore. This nurturing
environment fosters self-discipline, selfconfidence and the ability to concentrate. Our
experience shows that this type of education
provides the bedrock for the development of a
true joy of learning. ‘Who’ a child is, we feel, is
more important than ‘what’ a child achieves in
the form of goals during this time.
Children learn best through sensory-motor
activities, working with materials that
develop their cognitive powers through direct
experience. Children have “sensitive” periods,
during which skills and behaviours can be
learned and integrated easily. Riverside children
are fully supported and encouraged during
these periods whilst educators use careful
observation to guide children to activities that
suit their stage of neurological development.
We are passionate
about education
Our besp
Character and Resilience
In the first years of life, a child creates the
fundamental elements of their personality and
character, the mind-set and attitudes that will
accompany them into adult life. They learn
to make decisions, to persevere, gain selfdiscipline, experience success and consider the
needs of others. In a well-balanced, nurturing
community of children and the adults who
guide them, these qualities emerge effortlessly.
Through both play and structured learning,
your child is set up for success.
and Confidence
Riverside Nursery Schools foster a
language-rich environment guaranteeing the
enjoyment of both the spoken and written
word. Educators take every opportunity to
encourage dialogue with even the youngest
children and the exploration of thoughts
and ideas through verbal discourse. Children
learn that their ideas matter, whatever their
age, and enjoy eye-to-eye conversations with
adults, dialogue with those around them and
countless opportunities to listen and learn.
Healthy Body,
Healthy Mind
A wide range of beautifully crafted
equipment and carefully curated activities
refine motor skills and physical development.
Riverside’s physical development syllabus
helps children discover and develop a healthy
lifestyle through cooking activities, outings,
sports classes and outdoor nature lessons.
and Empathy
Throughout Riverside Nursery Schools,
the Montessori method is utilised to teach
children to read. When each child is ready, we
begin exploring sounds of the alphabet and
finding objects in the environment that relate
to those sounds. Once a child has discerned
that words have beginning, middle and end
sounds, they are shown the value of “sounding
out” words (c-a-t), and in the process,
effortlessly begin to both read and write.
A high quality, bespoke edu
poke curriculum
Number Theory and Logic
Simple number songs and rhymes introduce
our learners to mathematics. Activities in
the classroom, including Montessori maths
materials, ensure children are familiar with
sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and
counting, forming a solid foundation upon
which to build a lifelong understanding of
mathematical mechanisms. Our unique maths
curriculum is the only programme based
upon a child’s natural instinct to move and
explore. By making maths an integral part of a
child’s day, a love of number theory and logic
evolves with ease.
and The Arts
At Riverside Nursery Schools, children
have access to an extensive range of art
materials and equipment. They learn about
different artists and their styles and are free
to recreate these styles or develop a flair of
their own. They explore crayons, chalks, paints
and glue with a range of modelling items
always available for harnessing creativity. A
daily music activity gives the children the
opportunity to express themselves through
dance and song.
ucation for your Nursery aged child
Observing and Exploring
Young children are full of curiosity and have
an innate, insatiable interest in the world
around them. They are hard-wired to explore,
using every opportunity to expand their
knowing. This natural interest and sense of
adventure is stimulated with an introduction
to topics from the realms of Science,
Geography, Botany and Zoology.
St Margarets
Nursery School
Nursery School
Nursery School
Nursery School
Nursery School
2 - 7 years
3 months - 5 years
3 months - 5 years
3 months - 5 years
2 - 5 years
8am - 6pm
8am - 6pm
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9am - 3pm
51 weeks a year
51 weeks a year
51 weeks a year
51 weeks a year
Term Time
8 Victoria Rd,
Grosvenor House,
Grosvenor Road
26 The Green,
31 Cambridge Road, St Luke’s House,
270 Sandycombe
Road, Kew Gardens,
Surrey TW9 3NP
020 8891 2675
020 8538 999
020 8755 1125
020 8892 0872
020 8332 1255
The Riverside Team
Aimee Kimbell
Libby Nicholas
Aatif Hassan
Aimee graduated with a BA Hons
in Classical Civilisation from the
University of Birmingham. She began
her teaching career in Hong Kong
where she taught children English up
to GCSE level.
Libby is responsible for the Dukes
Education nurseries and day schools.
Having graduated from the University
of Bristol with a degree in English
& Philosophy, Libby realised her true
vocation when working with the
Prince’s Trust.
Aatif founded Dukes Education
in 2015 and leads our London day
schools. He is also Chairman of
Cavendish Education, a group of six
schools for pupils with dyslexia and
autism schools; and Deputy Chairman
of Governors of St James Independent
Schools (including Chairman of the
Finance & Estates Committee and
Chairman of St James Junior School).
Aatif is also on the advisory board
of EdEx UK and Woxsen School of
Principal, Riverside Nursery Schools
In 2006 she began her Montessori
Teaching Diploma and started
her teaching placement at Kew
Montessori in 2007 where she
continued after graduating. In
2014, Aimee took on the post of
Headteacher at Kew Montessori and
subsequently also became Headteacher
at St. Margaret’s Montessori in
2017. Both schools have their own
individual character underpinned by
a firm following of the Montessori
philosophy directed by a talented,
dedicated and passionate team.
These two nurseries joined the other
Duke’s nurseries to form a collection
of nurseries now known as Riverside
Nursery Schools.
Managing Director
Libby completed her PGCE and was
accepted on the National Fast Track
Teaching Programme ranking as one
of the ‘Top Ten Nationwide Fast
Track Teachers’. Progressing quickly
from teaching English to increasingly
senior roles, Libby has held positions
such as Head of Year, Deputy Head,
Headmistress, Deputy Director of
Education at the Girls’ Day School
Trust, and Regional Director of
Education for the South & West at the
Academies Enterprise Trust.
Prior to joining Dukes, Libby founded
and was CEO of Astrea Academy
Trust - a family of 27 schools across
Yorkshire and Cambridge. Libby’s
areas of professional expertise include
the delivery of school improvement,
strategic organisational change,
curriculum design, and innovation and
all aspects of teaching and learning –
thinking, theory, and pedagogy.
Founder and Chairman
Aatif has a first class degree in
Mathematics and Economics and also
had a British Army commission.
“Dukes Education is a
family of schools and
educational services based
in the UK. Our schools are
distinctive in identity and
style, yet united in
offering outstanding
teaching and learning,
providing the strongest
foundations for young
people to lead meaningful
and fulfilling lives.”
What is Dukes ?
Designed by Smarter Reach www.smarterreach.co.uk | 0800 240 4526
Dukes Education is a family of nurseries, schools, and colleges in the UK.
Surrounding our schools, we also have a collection of complementary
education offerings – day camps, summer schools, and university
application consultancies. This way, we create a wrap-around experience
for every family that joins us, not just in school time, but beyond the
classroom as well.
We are highly selective about which schools and organisations join Dukes.
Our family is small and close-knit. We carefully curate it to make sure we
have harmony among our teams. Being part of the Dukes family means we
can all come together to share experience and expertise, supporting each
other to achieve the extraordinary. We bring people together who
do different things in education, but we want them to learn from each other.
So we need to know that they have their hearts and minds in the right
place. When we meet educators with this magic combination, we know
they’re a good fit for Dukes.
Our students benefit from the constant sharing of best practice among
our schools, and the stringent standards held to by a wide team of senior
leaders who, combined, have an exceptional record of experience and
expertise in education.
We work hard to help every child find something that fulfills them –
to find their extraordinary – the thing only they can contribute to the world.
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Nursery Schools
Together we’re
Riverside Nursery Schools is part of the Dukes Education Group Ltd, registered in England and Wales. Company Registration Number: 09345899.
Registered office 14-16 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AR.