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A Good Employer

A Good Employer
Nowadays being a good employer is really hard because you need to be sure that
the employees are always happy and motivated to be more productive. So in this
essay, I am going consider to methods that employers could acquire to attain this.
Employers need to communicate with their employees. For example, when they
have some problems or ideas they can discuss them. Do not feel bored listening to
your employees because this can not only make them happy, maybe they also have
some good ideas. My mom likes to discuss work with her boss or colleagues
because she often finds new ideas with them. Employees feel important if they
know that they are listened to. This could also establish a good relationship among
the staff.
Furthermore, the most important thing employers can do is to make employees
feel valued as people. My mom told me when she first went to work, she heard a
boss of the company humiliating an employee. That is degrading the dignity of a
person. Even though sometimes employees can commit mistakes, employers must
always treat them with respect and professionalism. Moreover, they need to be
given encouragement that will make them feel valued and room to grow as a
To sum up, I believe that both the approaches are essential and are mutually
dependent. Employers should value the employees by giving them respect and
listening to them. This will help ensure that they remain inspired and satisfied on
their work.
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