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Onesi Vimahi-Lockhart
Jones, Kelly
Myself as a Communicator – Part 3
The first part of the Myself as a communicator assignment I was asked to self-evaluate
myself and Rate and score myself as a communicator and describe how a conversation with
myself would be. The way I described myself as communicator was that I said you get one of
two people “The Onesi who is socially out there and friendly and with give off the vibe that
wants to have a conversation or you will get the Onesi who is socially awkward and is not in the
mood to have any type of communication with anyone now”. When doing this assignment, I
asked my uncle, best friend and manager from work. I feel that asking these individuals who I
have known for a while I will get accurate responses from everyone about how I am as
Articulating needs, opinions, views or concerns
The first person I interviewed was my uncle and what he said surprised me. What he said was
that the way that I don’t ever say anything if I need something and that he often must tell me that
I’m not mind reader I can’t read your mind if you need something. Although he said these things
beside this I am good at making my options and views and concerns heard.
The second person I interviewed was my best friend she said that I hold nothing back when
making my needs known and opinions or views heard and that I often might be a little too pushy
with it.
The third person I interviewed was my Manager he said that I often only make my needs heard
or know at appropriate times and not in the moment I need them to be heard and he appreciates
that because most people don’t wait like that.