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CE2A Activity1 TABLIZO, G

Activity 1 – Environmental Laws
Grace Ann A. Tablizo
BS in Civil Engineering
Block 2A
1. Environmental education - Environmental Education (EE) is a process in which individuals
gain awareness of their environment and acquire knowledge, skills, values, experiences,
and also the determination, which will enable them to act - individually and collectively - to
solve present and future environmental problems.
2. Executive Order no. 192 (1987) - providing for the reorganization of the department of
environment, energy and natural resources, renaming it as the department of environment
and natural resources, and for other purposes
3. Forest management bureau - The Forest Management Bureau of the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources provides technical guidance to the central and field
offices for the effective protection, development, and conservation of forestlands and
watersheds. It shall recommend policies and programs towards the achievement of
sustainable forest management, based on science and principles of good forest
4. Land
Bureau (Filipino: Kawanihan ng Pamamahala sa mga Lupa, abbreviated as LMB), is an
agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources responsible for administering, surveying, managing, and disposing Alienable
and Disposable (A&D) lands and other government lands not placed under the jurisdiction
of other government agencies.
5. Mines and geosciences bureau - The Mines and Geo-sciences Bureau (MGB) is
a government agency of the Philippines under the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (DENR). The MGB is responsible for the conservation, management,
development and use of the country's mineral resources, including those in reservations
and public lands.
6. Environmental management bureau - The Environmental Management Bureau
(EMB) formulates plans, programs, and appropriate environmental quality standards for
the prevention and control of pollution and the protection of the environment, and ensures
their implementation.
7. Ecosystem research and development bureau - The Ecosystems Research and
Development Bureau (ERDB) is the principal research and development (R & D) unit of
the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
8. R.A 3571 - An Act to Prohibit the Cutting, Destroying Or Injuring Of Planted or Growing
Trees, Flowering Plants and Shrubs or Plants Of Scenic Value along Public Roads, In
Plazas, Parks, School Premises Or Any Other Public Ground.
9. P.D NO. 1198 - requiring all individuals, partnerships or corporations engaged in the
exploration, development and exploitation of natural resources or in the construction of
infrastructure projects to restore or rehabilitate areas subject thereof or affected thereby
to their original condition.
10. P.D NO. 18 - establishing the metropolitan manila flood control and drainage council
11. P.D NO. 78 - establishing the philippine atmospheric geophysical and astronomical
services administration
12. P.D NO. 602 - establishing oil pollution operations center in the Philippine coast guard
Activity 1 – Environmental Laws
Grace Ann A. Tablizo
BS in Civil Engineering
Block 2A
13. P.D NO. 973 - amending presidential decree no. 855 prescribing the standard ranks and
salary rates for members of the integrated national police.
14. P.D NO. 1181 - providing for the prevention, control and abatement of air pollution from
motor vehicles and for other purposes
15. P.D NO. 1121 - creating the national environmental protection council
16. P.D NO. 1151 - philippine environmental policy
17. P.D NO. 1152 - philippine environmental code
18. P.D NO. 1067 - a decree instituting a water code, thereby revising and consolidating the
laws governing the ownership, appropriation, utilization, exploitation, development,
conservation and protection of water resources
19. R.A 8749 - Republic Act No. 8749, otherwise known as the Philippine Clean Air Act, is a
comprehensive air quality management policy and program which aims to achieve and
maintain healthy air for all Filipinos.
20. R.A 9275 - an act providing for a comprehensive water quality management and for other
21. Ecological - The definition of ecological is something related to organisms and how they
interact with each other and their surroundings, or something related to the biological study
of those organisms.
22. Impact - The definition of impact is one thing crashing into or having an effect on another.
23. Assessment - Assessment is the systematic basis for making inferences about the
learning and development of students. It is the process of defining, selecting, designing,
collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and using information to increase students' learning and