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Speech Homework

Do you have something in your life that you love to do but you are aware about
this is harmful to something or for somebody? Moreover, if you do know it,
would you continue to satisficing your pleasure even if it has an unaffordable
The state is the tourism destroying the world’s most beautiful places.
There are some positive impacts of tourism:
The tourist brings money for the country where they travel. It is means a
lot, for example, the country can turn this revenue to develop or modernise
their values or buildings, improves the schools, increase workplaces and it is
reversible to give a better lifestyle for local people
On the other hand, different cultures can meet with each other and
share their lifestyle, background and history. This is not just a huge knowledge
and more opportunities but a wonderful experience in my opinion.
Unfortunately, there are some negative impacts of tourism:
Tourism are using aeroplanes, ships, buses, cars and trains that cause
environmental pollution.
Sadly there are some people who destroy other countries cultural items.
The forbidden tourism remove natural materials from the Canary island’s
beaches including shells, stones and sand. They removed thousand of kilos of
sand. This is could damage the natural environment. (source:
Tourists are affecting the local people lifestyle as well. Just imagine a
place where normally live 500 inhabitants. Florence is a good example. Now
imagine 2 million of tourists come to this place to visit in a peak season. It may
cause the resources of the small town to be depleted.
The behaviour that tourists bring to different countries is not always
exemplary. I would mention some of it: thieving, littering, vandalism, crimes
that people might do aboard.
In the Bahamas, there is a beach that we call Pig Beach. This place is the wild
pigs' natural habitat and they usually swim in the sea. However there were
concerns last year when several pigs were found dead and tourists were
blamed, according to www.countryliving.com.
In my own viewpoint, we should deeply think about these statements when we
plan our next vocations and try to find a compromise way.