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informative speech outline template (1)

Sample Informative Speech Outline (Change this to your title)
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose:
Organizational Arrangement:
Gain audience's attention:
Establish credibility:
IV. Preview the body: “In this speech I will talk about:”
Main point 1:
Supporting Point
Supporting Point
Main point 2:
Supporting Point
Supporting Point
Main point 3:
Supporting Point
Supporting Point
I. Summarize main points: “Today I have told you about:”
Restate thesis:
End with “clincher”
Works Cited
Instructions: Include 3 to 5 sources in alphabetical order, by author, in APA format, as directed.
Example for webpage:
Lastname, I. (year). Title of Webpage. Name of Website. Month and Day. Retrieved from:
Outline Checklist by Section
Instructions: Use this checklist to see if your speech has the right “ingredients.” You should also
use the Evaluation Form as a “checklist” as you write your speech.
Does your speech cite sources properly in three places?
o In-text?
o Works Cited section?
o and orally as you are giving the presentation?
Introduction Checklist
o Do you start with an amazing fact to “wow” your audience and grab their attention?
o Do you clearly state your topic and thesis?
o Do you provide credibility by telling us why you are interested in this topic? Do you give us a
preview of your two or three Main Points?
Body Checklist
o Does your Body contain two or three Main Points?
o Does each Main Point contain two or three Supporting Points with specific examples as
Conclusion Checklist
o Do you signal to the audience that you are coming towards the end of your speech?
o Do you summarize your two or three Main Points?
o Do you restate the thesis?
o End on a strong note with a “clincher”?
Works Cited Checklist
o Did you include author, year of publication, Title of Page or Article, Title of Website, Month,
Day, and URL or web address?
o At least three supporting materials from a variety of sources?
Other Things Your Speech Should Have
o Does your speech appeal to the audience by telling them how listening to it will benefit them?
o Did you choose the most interesting and amazing facts to make this speech entertaining?
o Did you include some details about yourself and your interest and experience in the topic to
provide credibility?
o Do you answer the “why?” question? Namely, why should we care?