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Checklist Writing a Practical Report

Writing a Practical Report: Checklist
Name: ______________________________________________________
Experiment: _____________________________________________________
Please complete this checklist, and submit it with your practical report.
My name is on the report
My partner’s name is on the report
I have written a Research Question
I have defined my variables:
 Independent variable: what I changed
 Dependent variable: what I measured
 Controlled variables: what I kept the same
I have written all my materials in a list
I have written step-by-step instructions, numbered in order
I have a table of results
I have produced a graph:
 The graph has a title
 The graph has labelled axes
 The graph can be clearly read
I have written a discussion:
 I used my experimental evidence to discuss the answer to my
research question
I have written an evaluation:
 I have discussed the strengths of my method
 I have discussed a weakness in my method
 I have suggested an improvement to my method