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.The set of all possible configurations is called the
configuration space.
.the number of DOF is equal to the dimension of the
configuration space.
.N joints = n DOF.
.The state space is the set of all possible states.
.dimension of the state space = 2n of dof
. reachable workspace / is the entire set of points reachable
by the manipulator.
. dexterous workspace / points that the manipulator can
reach with an arbitrary orientation of end-E
.Accuracy/ how close the manipulator can come to a given
.Repeatability / how close a manipulator can return to a
previously taught point.
.Task Space: pose (position+orientation) of end-effector
Jacobian Matrix :
.Inverse Kinematics
In case of multiple solutions which one to choose
- Energy Efficiency
- Trajectory Smoothness
- Collision Avoidance