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Assignment number 4

Assignment number 4
Title: Making Introductions and Conclusions
A. Attention technique
a. Use a visual aid right at the beg of the homily that is related to your topic
B. Reason for the attention technique
a. I use the chopstick to show that friendship with Jesus Christ means
C. Connection to the Main points
a. Allow me to share with you the way of togetherness/ friendship with Jesus
A. Repeat your mainpoints
a. Ex. Brothers and sisters let us not forget, here are the ways of togetherness
with Jesus
B. Practical Application to real life
a. Ex: to maintain friendship with Jesus like prayer: let us pray ..let us make it a
habit to read the portion of God
C. Memorable closing technique
a. In my intro my bro and sis I use a pair of chopsticks as I am using again now.
This reminds us that togetherness in Jesus..for he says remain in me.
Togetherness that is the secret to Jesus.