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Foot Care Teaching Plan

Nataly Duval
Foot Care Teaching Plan
● Patient will understand necessity of foot care
● Patient will demonstrate proper foot care
● Patient will wash feet and maintain proper
● Demonstration with fake foot
● Explain weekly foot care chart and how to use
● Teach back method with patient using own
Content Outline
● Why is foot care important?
○ Most diabetic foot issues can come
from one or a combination of issues
such as uncontrolled diabetes, poor
blood circulation, and lack of proper
foot care from a day-to-day basis
● Neuropathy - nerve damage that can cause a
loss of sensation in/feeling in the foot
● Foot ulcers - open sores that can appear on the
bottom of the foot; left unchecked it can cause
severe infections
● Podiatry - a physician that specializes in foot
care; important when monitoring for any
issues in the foot
● Amputation - with a combination of
neuropathy and infection can cause partial or
complete removal of the foot
● Patient will learn the importance of clean feet
and infection prevention
● Patient will be taught to check feet daily and
report any changes to their physician
● Patient will maintain regular check ups with
● Patient will maintain foot safety to prevent
infections and nerve damage
● Patient will make sure foot is clean, dry, and
free from abnormalities by maintaining daily
foot inspections
● Patient will be able to recreate foot care plan
on their own foot
● Patient will be able to fill out weekly foot care
● Patient will maintain proper foot care and
report any changes to physician