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Analysis assignment (2 parts)

ENGL 1213
Dr. Lane
Fall 2018
Essay 2: Analysis of Argument (2 parts)
This assignment is divided into 2 parts. These parts have separate due dates. Please
make note of both due dates to avoid confusion.
Part I: In a 400-500 word formal essay, analyze an editorial (of your choosing),
discussing the following:
o What approach does the editorial take—Toulmin, Rogerian, something else?
o How does the editorial present and address opposing viewpoints?
o In what ways does the editorial use ethos? How does it build credibility?
o In its appeal to pathos, does the editorial connect with needs and values?
o What is the editorial’s main claim? Is it a claim of truth, value, or policy?
o What arguments does the editorial offer to support that claim? Is the
reasoning logical? Are the warrants behind the reasoning sound?
o What types of evidence does the writer provide to support his or her
o How would you characterize the overall success or failure of this argument?
A works cited page must be provided including (at a bare minimum) the editorial
and your text book for primary and secondary sources.
Final draft of part I due on BB by midnight on Friday, October 5, 2018.
MLA format only.
1. Find an editorial on a topic that interests you. Read it and start taking notes about
the argument being laid out. Answer as many of the questions above that you can.
2. Meet in the library to work on your paper on Thursday, October 4th. (Bring your
laptop if you have one available.)
4. Run essay through Grammarly.com to check grammar before submission. Here’s the
link: https://www.grammarly.com/grammar-check.
5. Additionally, you may run it through “The Writer’s Diet” for additional feedback.
Here’s that link: http://writersdiet.com/test.php.
6. Revise as needed and submit final draft to BB by midnight on Friday, October 5th.
Point Breakdown for Part I:
50 points for final draft, including works cited page.
NEXT: Start brainstorming for Part II and pulling research.
Part II: In a 500-750 word formal essay, answer one of the following prompts:
 “Like Gladwell, consider policies, practices, or behaviors with which you
disagree. Conversely, look at an issue that you support but is critiqued by others.
Write your own commentary as a reply to a position on that policy, practice, or
behavior” (Van Rys & et al 312).
 “Fossil-fuel divestment is just one issue on which people are susceptible to
thinking fallaciously. With what other contentious, difficult issues would people
make logical errors? Choose such a topic, research what other people think
about it, and write an expose of the common fallacies people make” (Van Rys &
et al 329).
Utilize 3 research sources from library databases for this essay.
You should cite (either through paraphrase, summary, or direct quotation) each of
your three research sources.
Provide a works cited page.
MLA format only.
1. For Tuesday, October 9th, students should have a topic selected and have begun
researching. Practicing summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation in class. Students
will be encouraged to use their own research for assignments.
2. Thursday, October 11th, class will meet in the library so students may work on their
drafts. Instructor will be available for questions.
3. Rough draft due on BB by midnight on Friday, October 12th. Rough draft must
contain works cited page and be at least 75% completed for full credit.
4. Paper copy of draft due for class meeting on Tuesday, October 16th. Drafts will be
returned to students before the end of class to complete the almighty asterisk
assignment. (3 bonus points for any drafts submitted by 4 p.m. on Monday, October
5. NOTE: October 16th students will be assisting with a norming exercise—for
completion—during our class meeting worth 50 points. This assignment
cannot be made up.
6. Final drafts are due on BB by midnight on Monday, Sept. 22nd. In preparation for
Tuesday’s class meeting (10/23), please read Chapter 18 in the textbook.
Point Breakdown for Part II
Per our course syllabus, each formal writing assignment is worth 125 points. As this
assignment is broken into 2 parts, here’s the point breakdown for part II:
15 pts. possible for rough draft w/works cited page
10 pts. for revised draft—due Tuesday, Oct. 16th.
50 pts. possible for final draft of essay with w/works cited page.