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Health & Legal
Thank you for purchasing this book from Piersonfit. Here
are some important things for you to know.
The author of this book, Pierson Meier, is not a medical doctor
or registered dietician. This book provides general information
related to fitness, training, diet, and nutrition. The contents are
intended for your personal use and for informational purposes
Nothing contained in this book should be considered as medical
advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always consult with a
physician, or other health or medical professional, before starting
any fitness or training program or any diet or nutrition regime,
especially if you are pregnant, have any pre-existing health
conditions, or are not healthy enough to start one.
You are responsible for monitoring your own health and fitness.
Piersonfit is not responsible for any injuries or adverse
health effects caused by your training or fitness program, or your
diet or nutrition regime.
The most important thing for this program is that you put in the
effort and train insane. Obviously if you feel sick or injured in any
way please to not go hard as it is very important to stay healthy.
Bulking on this program is the best way to get the most out of it, as
it is loaded with some decent volume so a caloric surplus will help
you recover and grow faster. I will include a small section on how
to bulk properly.
Progressive overload should always try to be implemented when
possible. Try to increase the weight you do each week, but it is
okay if it is simple not possible. If you put in the work the results
will still show.
How hard should you train? Should you train to failure every set?
Personally I like to train hard every set, but that does not mean to
failure every single set. My style of training is that my first couple
sets of an exercise will be lighter as I focus on time under tension
and really contracting the muscle. Once I get to my second to last
set and last set I will go heavier and faster and train to failure.
Rest times should be between 30 to 120 seconds. No need to set
a timer. The less rest you give yourself the harder it will be,
challenge yourself.
Like I said this program will yield the greatest results if you are in a
caloric surplus and gaining weight, especially if you consider
yourself to be on the skinnier side.
If you think you eat a lot, but are not gaining weight you are simply
not eating enough. All of us who have gained weight have learned
this the hard way. If you eat 3000 calories a day and do not gain
weight, you need to increase it to 3500. Download the app
Myfitnesspal to get a rough estimate as to how many calories you
should be eating.
Dirty bulking is easy, and bulking off of healthy foods is hard,
especially if you have a job or in school. My best advice is to eat
as much healthy things that you like, but it is okay to drink that
mass gainer shake if it helps you get your calories over the
maintenance threshold. DO NOT only eat chips and soda all day.
You will feel like crap, especially during your workouts.
Start weighing yourself everyday, and make sure every week you
are gaining some kind of weight even if minimal. Start waking up
earlier, as it will help you get more meals in throughout the day.
Start drinking lots of water with your meals. It will help you force
down food, past the point when you are full.
Also if you gain too much weight, and notice the fat gain is a little
excessive, you can slow things down to prevent some fat gain.
Bulking takes some serious dedication especially if you are
naturally skinny. The key to seeing results is being super
consistent. Eating 4000 calories one day and 2000 the next day is
not going to work. Eat a lot, and do it EVERYDAY.
Some of my favorite foods to eat/drink are milk, all kinds of meat,
various rices, various pastas and lots of eggs and muffins. Find
foods that you like that are moderately healthy and eat lots of it.
Last thing that is very important!! Make sure you are getting an
adequate amount of protein in your diet. Around 1 gram of protein
per lb of your weight. If I weigh 220lbs, I would aim between 200240 grams of protein per day.
The amount of volume is designed for more intermediate/
advanced lifters. If that is not the case I highly recommend cutting
out some exercises at least until you can handle the sheer volume.
The workouts vary in time but should be around 90 minutes long.
The program looks like it is only one week long but do not let that
fool you. You will do the same workouts every week, in order to
successfully overload in weight. I purposefully placed boxes so
you could print this out and write in your weight.
Too many times I see lifters switch up workouts too often, not
allowing them to get stronger at certain lifts and hindering a real
important rule that helps with muscle growth.
The program is often ran for 8-12 weeks, but feel free to run it
much longer if the gains continue.
Hope you guys enjoy the program and stay safe.
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"SAVE AS COPY" and this will give you your own online, editable
copy. I know sharing of the program will happen, and I can not
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