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request for reconsideration Document

Ei claim March 2022
Rejected for EI due to i quit they say without proving I had no reasonable alternative.
I tried explaining I had no choice because I couldn’t get to work anymore it’s $150 cab and no bus from
sombra to Sarnia. Also the hours I worked made it impossible to get rides on nights at 3:00am I wouldn’t
have quit unless I had to because I was happy with the company and the job. I enjoyed working with
CNC machines and I liked the people I worked with a lot.
The ei person deciding my claim kept calling asking me why I don’t just buy a new car over and over or
why can’t you move to Sarnia and I found the process to be degrading and frustrating to re-answer the
same things again and again
And I could barely understand the person deciding on my ei file through her Chinese / English
I felt like she never gave me or my claim a chance. Her mind was made up but she still drug out her
decision for months asking me to jump through hoops for example I was asked to fill out a detailed list
of where am I looking for work When I apply where what website etc basically I had to prove I am still
willing and able to work and I did fullfill that requirement.
I have a very limited amount of money so buying a car isn’t going to happen at this moment and moving
to Sania is not possible
..I am actually living in government housing bldg in sombra
Before I worked at mac weld I was on ont works and I was feeling good about finally turning things
around getting a decent job but when my car broke down I did try fixing it and spend a bunch of money
to keep it running but eventually it died. I can’t afford a new car because I can’t even pay my rent or buy
I was rejected on my last 3 or 4 claims and it’s like these ei workers are trained to reject and delay
making a decision