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University of Findlay
May 2015
Bachelor of Science: Forensic Science- Toxicology, Minor: Chemistry
• Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Forensic Chemistry; General Chemistry I & II; Organic
Chemistry I & II; Physical Chemistry I & II
• Forensic Science/Criminal Justice: Introduction to Forensic Science; Criminal Evidence; Criminal Investigation;
Professional Practice in the Criminal Justice System; Special Topics in Forensic Science
Tosoh SMD, Grove City, Ohio
June 2015-Current
Analytical Laboratory Technician
• Performed different analytical techniques including Dissolution, wet density measurements, LECO ONH and
• Executed calibrations and troubleshooting on multiple laboratory instruments
• Revised existing laboratory procedure, and wrote procedures for new instruments and techniques
• Performed daily laboratory organization and cleaning to ensure no contamination of laboratory products
• Lead project of reorganizing and properly labeling archives samples dating back twenty years
DC Department of Forensic Sciences, Washington, D.C.
August 2014December 2014
Intern, Materials Analysis Unit
• Assist Unit Scientist with preparation of laboratory for acceptance of casework
• Assist Unit efforts towards building of procedures for accreditation purposes
• Learned the fundamentals of Material Analysis in the forensic context
• Learned the analytical techniques of a Scanning Electron Microscope and a Fourier Transform-Infrared
University of Findlay
August 2012-May 2014
Resident Assistant
• Helped transition freshman students into their first year of college
• Developed and executed educational services and planned social events
• Explained, upheld and enforced the University rules and regulations
• Performed conflict resolution between residents and aided in the solution to the problem
Abercrombie & Fitch
Sales Associate
• Provided assistance to customers to aid and simplify their selections
September 2008-August 2014
University of Findlay
January 2015-May 2015
• Research: Possible DNA Cross-Contamination Caused by Fingerprinting Supplies in a Crime Scene
• Conducted research on fingerprint lifting techniques, and their effect on touch D
• Received training in polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencer instrument
• Received Training in grant writing
• Collected fingerprint samples from students at the University of Findlay
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University of Findlay
January 2014-May 2014
• Research: Correlation between Selected Water Parameters and Soaked Alfalfa Mineral Content
• Prepared hay samples for soaking in water in order to extract an aliquot for further testing
• Titrated aliquots to determine quantitative amounts of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in each sample
• Performed absorbency analysis using a Lambda 2 Spectrophotometer
• Duplicates and blanks were implemented to assure quality control and quality assurance
• Presented academic project at the University of Findlay Symposium for Student Scholarships
University of Findlay
January 2014-May 2014
• Research: Removal of Soluble Reactive Phosphorus from Blanchard River and Tributary Waters Using
Coagulation Jar Tests
• Diluted well water samples with deionized water and alum to various concentrations to analyze the optimal pH
for phosphorus removal
• Analyzed well water aliquots with Coagulation Jar Tester
• Supernatant extracted from Coagulation Jar Tester was analyzed for phosphorus using test set forth by Askew
& Smith
• Analyzed Absorbency with Lambda 2 Spectrophotometer and used absorbency to calculate reactive
phosphorus levels
• Duplicates and blanks were implemented into experiment to assure quality control and quality assurance
• Presented academic project at the University of Findlay Symposium for Student Scholarships
• The Washington Center: Student/Volunteer; Washington, DC
• University of Findlay: Rotaract Club Member
• University of Findlay: Criminal Justice Club
• University of Findlay: Campus Programming Board
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