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Mediated communication is any form of
communication between two or more
individuals who interact and influence each
other via separate device ( Computer ) through
the internet or a network connection using
Advantages of Mediated Communication
1. CMC promotes equalization of uses because it ignores
person’s social roles, rank and status.
2. Mediated technology provides tools that are useful in
promoting learning activities.
3.Asynchronus discussions allow students in groups to
collaborate with other to exchange opinions, experiences
Types of Mediated Communication
1. Asynchronous Communication
activities are independent of real time and include viewing
a webpage, composing and email, watching a video clip etc.
. Emails
. Mailbases
. Discussions boards
. Webpages
2. Synchoronous Communication
activities occur concurrently between two or more users
including such real time applications as chat rooms or
instant messaging which allow users to interact
simulteaneously through text, audio and video with other
users located anywhere in the world.
. In-person meeting
. Phone call
. Video conference
Examples of Different Forms of Technology Mediated
Smartphones and Texting
While speaking with people on the phone has gone
somewhat out of vogue in favor of email, texting has
became the most personal form of business communication.
While you might give your email address to many people,
your personal phone/text number is reserved for a few close
associates. A quick text to an employee with information
about the job they are working on is low key, nondisruptive
and takes less time than a phone call.
Using Videoconferencing for Meetings
If your business is spread out in various locations, you
can save both time and money by using videoconferencing
for meetings with staff from various offices. Applications
such as Google Hangouts and Skype allow you to see one
another while you hold your meetings. This allows for faceto-face communication even though participants are many
miles apart. This is an especially useful tool for maintaining
camaraderie among office personnel despite long distances.
Blogs and Information Websites
Blogs, or weblogs, are an essential part of many
company websites. Blogs typically provide information on
the products or services that interest the consumers. As the
expert in your particular field, you can offer information
and function as a resource for both your customers and
potential clients. When people search the internet for
information on a particular type of product or service and
find helpful information on your blog, they are more likely
to come to you for the related products or services you sell.
Facebook, Twitter and Social media
Social media has changed the way that we all interact
with each other online. It's given us the ability to discover
what's happening in the world in real-time, to connect with
each other and stay in touch with long-distance friends, and
in order to have access to endless amounts of information at
your fingertips. In many senses, social media has helped
many individuals find common ground with others online,
making the world seem more approachable.