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No BS Follow Along: ...................................................................................................................... 3
The Fundamental Mindsets for Better Shirtless Pictures.................................................................. 4
A Better Body Helps (Obviously) .................................................................................................... 5
What Shirtless Pictures Work Best on Dating Apps and Social Media? .............................................. 6
Getting Inspiration........................................................................................................................ 7
How to Start Taking Shirtless Pictures .......................................................................................... 10
How to Take Even Better Shirtless Pictures (Level up your skills) .................................................... 11
Bonus Section: Pictures With Women .......................................................................................... 12
Conclusion.................................................................................................................................. 14
No BS Follow Along:
Follow the points here if you want to take immediate action:
View taking shirtless pictures as a skill. You simply have a low level in this skill and you just have to practice
Find models on Instagram and use their shirtless pictures for inspiration
Train your body to build the attractive V taper – Most workout routines don’t do this!
Take ‘sexy fuckboy model’ pictures, not the sweaty gym flex pictures
Take sexual pictures with women for even more matches on the dating apps
The Fundamental Mindsets for Better Shirtless Pictures
Don’t bullshit yourself. You’re here because you want to take better shirtless pictures so that you can get
more social and sexual success. You’d like to get laid and get the respect of men. Me too. Too often guys will
never admit this because they want to pretend to be all righteous “thou shalt not crave social or sexual
validation”. By admitting your goals, you will make more progress in them.
Think of taking pictures as a skill, just like a skill in a video game. You haven’t been gaining experience (XP) in
this skill, meaning you have a low Shirtless Pictures skill level. The first 100 shirtless pictures you take are going
to look trash. The next 100 will look slightly less trash. The next 100 will look ok. The next 100…
You get the idea.
Women have practiced taking pictures of themselves consistently, most men do not. That’s why most men
have terrible results on social media and dating apps – It’s all about your pictures.
Taking good shirtless pictures comes from copying other guys. We’re not supposed to say that we’re copying
but that’s exactly what it is. The best artists copy what works, the best musicians copy what works, the best
salesmen copy what works. This makes it incredibly easy for us to get inspiration and ideas for our shirtless
Taking lots of pictures of yourself also has a hidden, indirect benefit. You’re faced with the reality of your
physical (un)attractiveness. If you begin to take lots of pictures of yourself, you’ll likely feel pretty
uncomfortable because you think you look like shit in the pictures. This is a good thing. This fuels your efforts
for your self improvement, aesthetic body transformation and ‘looksmaxxing’. Embrace taking pictures where
you look unattractive and use that as motivation to work on looking more attractive.
A Better Body Helps (Obviously)
If you’re reading a guide on taking better shirtless pictures, you’re probably training your body.
There’s an issue…
Most training programs and workout routines are not designed to build an attractive body, especially if you’ve
gotten the workout routines from Reddit.
The Reddit community generally workout to increase their strength in the compound lifts so that they can
boast and tell other Redditors how much they squat, bench and deadlift. The workout advice that you get
from Reddit is not aimed at making you look good and yet you’re reading a guide on wanting to look better in
It’s time for you to make a real declaration of why you’re training your body. Is it for strength or is it for
For me personally, I’m training for aesthetics. I want to look good and feel proud of myself and smile every
time I see myself in the mirror. 6 years, 9 months of training and I have achieved just that. It’s a fantastic
feeling having built your dream body.
My real Tinder pictures:
The type of body that gets the most attraction from women and respect from men is the aesthetic ‘V taper’
which comes from prioritising these muscles: neck, traps, upper chest, lateral delts and lats. These muscles are
usually underdeveloped (especially neck, traps and lateral delts which are the most important to look
attractive) when you follow an average training program that you found online on Reddit.
You can learn everything there is to building your dream body through my Aesthetic Body Transformation
Course that you can pre-order here: https://hamza-ahmed.mykajabi.com/offers/FatC4BPn
What Shirtless Pictures Work Best on Dating Apps and Social Media?
You’re here because you want more matches on dating apps, more attention from women and respect from
men on social media.
The kind of shirtless pictures that will get you those results are pictures that give off the ‘sexy fuckboy’ vibe.
Compare the two shirtless pictures below:
The guy on the left looks bigger but it simply is not an attractive picture. Girls don’t care about seeing you
work hard, they just want to see the results.
You may have seen the advice women give about using shirtless pictures on dating apps “NO! Don’t use
shirtless pictures, it makes you look like a douchebag and I never right swipe a guy who’s showing off his body
on Tinder.”
When a girl says something like this, she’s referring to the picture on the left, not the right.
Interestingly the picture on the left deemed as the ‘gym douchebag shirtless picture’ will still get that guy (and
you if you take pictures like that) more success than the average, clothed selfie.
Shirtless pictures undeniably get you more matches on dating apps compared to normal pictures because they
stand out and create an eye-catching effect that stops the woman on her left swiping streak (Women mainly
left swipe on dating apps, your first picture needs to have the ‘Left Swipe Stopper’ effect).
So use whatever shirtless pictures you have. But strive to take the ‘fuckboy’ style pictures. That’s what you’ll
learn in this short guide.
Getting Inspiration
Getting inspiration is vital to take better shirtless pictures. You must have an idea in your mind of what you
want your pictures to look like. Your shirtless pictures will look trash compared to what you had in mind, but
at least you set yourself a direction instead of going in blind. We’re going to find high value, inner city, young
male models.
Let’s get inspiration together.
Step 1: Go onto Google Maps and search for the name of a large
city + club (Manchester club, Leeds club etc).
Step 2: Choose one of the clubs and then search for that club on
Step 3: Scroll down till you find a picture of a guy who you can
tell would get lots of matches on dating apps. Go onto his
profile. Also check out any of the other guys if he has a group
Step 4: Now you’ve found a couple of guys who have high quality pictures . These guys are usually professional
models and although our pictures won’t look as good as theirs, just recreating them will be better for us than
going in blind and taking random pictures. Follow/save the profiles of the guys you’ve found for inspiration.
Step 5: Screenshot the exact shirtless picture that you aim to recreate and use that to guide you when you go
out to take pictures. Choose one that you feel like you could recreate by yourself, which will probably be a
shirtless mirror selfie. Take a note of the models style, pose, face, clothing.
How to Start Taking Shirtless Pictures
Start taking shirtless pictures even before you feel ready and even before you feel like your body is attractive
enough to post online. Right now, we are just practicing and gaining XP in our Shirtless Pictures skill.
To begin taking shirtless pictures, get inspiration first and ideally choose a photo from a model who’s taking a
selfie with his phone. That makes it beginner friendly.
At first, you’ll be able to level up your Shirtless Picture skill simply by taking lots of shirtless pictures from
different angles, lighting, different flexing (subtle flexing is good, do not overtly flex) etc. As you haven’t taken
many shirtless pictures before, right now all you should care about is consistent quantity. Take a couple of
shirtless pictures every day and review them.
After some time you’ll begin to know what angles and poses make you look best. That’s when we can start to
increase the quality of your shirtless pictures…
What about equipment? Don’t I need a professional camera?
No. Mobile phones take fantastic pictures these days and most professional models Instagram pictures are
taken with their iPhones. All of the dating app guides online will tell you to get a professional
photographer/camera but that is more than overkill.
But I don’t look good enough shirtless yet!
If you’re training your body in the right way, you will build muscle in the right places and you’ll look better in
the future. For now, you may as well level up your Shirtless Pictures skill so that you can consistently take
pictures as you progress in your body transformation. When you’ve built your dream body, you may already
have 1-4 years of Shirtless Pictures skill levelling. Do not wait until you look great, start taking pictures now.
You don’t have to use these pictures for social media or dating apps. It’s just practice.
How to Take Even Better Shirtless Pictures (Level up your skills)
You’ve been taking shirtless pictures for a couple of weeks consistently. You’ve learnt which poses and angles
make you look better than others. Now it’s time to level up your skills.
Hopefully you’re training your body in a way that will build the attractive V taper. This is the most important
part to looking better as a man and as mentioned before, unfortunately most workout routines and training
programs are not optimised to build that V taper. You want to find a workout routine that prioritises these
muscles: Neck, traps, upper chest, lateral delts and lats. Hitting abs properly and not just doing the
conventional 3 sets at the end of your workout is also vital to look good shirtless. You get a full training
program with workout routines sent straight to your phone with my Aesthetic Body Transformation Course,
you should seriously check it out: https://hamza-ahmed.mykajabi.com/offers/FatC4BPn
At this point you’ll have the skill and practice to be able to recreate some of the inspirational pictures you
found. Search again for a model on Instagram and really put the effort into recreating his shirtless picture. Do
not skip this step. If there’s one habit that will help you the most in levelling up your Shirtless Pictures skill, it’s
finding an inspirational picture and trying to recreate it. Those models know the best environments, lighting,
poses and copying their pictures will automatically improve yours.
To take even better shirtless pictures, you should consider getting a ‘pump’ from your workout first. Hitting
just 1-2 sets of pushups till failure makes you look considerably bigger. If possible, get a pump in your upper
chest, lateral delts and biceps. The rest of your upper body muscles do not need a pump to look good and
often even look worse with a pump (getting a pump in your abs before taking pictures is a bad idea, it makes
them look less aesthetic).
Take shirtless pictures when you are fasted. That means before you eat anything or at least before you eat
your first heavy meal of the day. This will reduce the lower stomach bloating and make you look leaner.
Lighting depends on your style and body. Generally taking a picture right below some lights will make you look
the best but this is something everyone has to experiment with. Gym toilets often have great lighting but not
so great environments (you can see sweaty middle aged men getting changed behind you in the picture). In
terms of environment, going to a fancy gym is the best. There’s gyms which are usually 2-3x the price of the
‘normal’ gyms in your city and it’s these gyms which the Instagram models go to. You don’t have to go so far
as to get a new gym membership just to take shirtless pictures but it’s something you can keep in mind as a
potential investment – Remember, pictures are assets in this modern day and you should invest in quality
assets that have a high return on investment, which awesome pictures do.
Your shirtless pictures get levelled up in 3 different ways:
1. You look better shirtless (through working out and dieting)
2. You learn to pose better for the pictures (through copying the Instagram models)
3. You take better quality pictures (through learning the right lighting, framing and being in a more attractive,
higher status environment)
Bonus Section: Pictures With Women
Taking pictures with girls gives you ‘pre-selection’. This is powerful.
Pre-selection is where a woman sees that you already have women around you. This causes a feeling of
competition anxiety as well as a feeling of desire in you. If a woman sees you with other, attractive women,
the first woman will automatically conclude that you are a high value, attractive man - why else would other
women be around you?
You can use this knowledge to level up your dating profile and fast track the process of matching with women
who are down to meet and potentially sleep with you. Any woman who likes your profile of shirtless pictures
and pictures with women is clearly into you.
I don’t advise to do this on social media as the types of pictures with women that are the most effective are
the ones where you’ve very clearly slept with them. That’s too much to broadcast to everyone on social media
but on dating apps it’s very effective.
Take some good pictures with women with a sexual vibe. Here’s mine for inspiration:
Women say that they are not attracted to this. As always, watch what they do, not what they say. The first
time you truly follow the advice in this section (as well as the rest of this guide) you’ll see that most of the
advice that women give in terms of dating app pictures is bullshit. Doing the opposite of what they sa y (using
shirtless pictures and pictures with other women) will get you much more success.
The pictures you take with women can backfire if it looks ‘too setup’. In the best case scenario, you should be
taking these pictures with women that you’ve already slept with or with women that want to sleep with you.
If it seems like you’re trying too hard to show yourself with women it will backfire and make your dating
profile look WORSE.
Low value men fall victim to this by showing themselves with women that they are ‘friends’ with (colleagues,
schoolmates). You can just tell by looking at a picture of a man and woman together. If it looks like the woman
wouldn’t sleep with him, it will result in a negative impact on the mans perceived value and status. If there’s a
picture of a man and woman and the woman looks like she would sleep with the man, the man’s perceived
value and status goes up.
If you’re taking pictures with women to upload to your dating profile, make sure that it’s genuine. Make sure
that the woman in the picture actually wanted to sleep with you when the picture was taken. Uploading just a
random picture of yourself and a woman who is barely a friend makes you look worse.
But how do I get those women in the first place?
This is like a Catch-22. To better attract women, you should already have women. To have women, you need
to attract women.
The hardest time to attract women is when you have no women in your life. And so if this is the reality for you
right now, you’ll have to start from the bottom and work your way up.
For example, you set up your dating profile with new shirtless pictures and you immediately get more
matches. You meet a woman from Tinder, and after you’ve built a good connection with her and preferably
after you’ve already slept with her, you start to take a couple of pictures with her, you upload pictures like
these to your dating profile (covering up her face for privacy doesn’t affect the amount of matches you’ll get
so you may as well do it) and instantly you’ll get even more matches. You’ll meet more women, take even
more pictures together and your success on the dating apps will compound.
I hope you’ve found value in this guide to taking better shirtless pictures.
I wanted to keep it short and practical, with no bullshit.
My name is Hamza Ahmed, I help young men improve themselves to achieve their looks, money, status and
relationship goals.
Click on this link right now to see my self improvement YouTube channel which has 3274 subscribers on 28th
May 2021. How many subscribers do I have now? https://www.youtube.com/hamza97