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Forensic Science Study Guide Hair and Fibers

Forensic Science Study Guide: Hair and Fibers
Terms to be familiar with:
● Anagen
● Catagen
● Cortex
● Cuticle
● Follicular tag
● Macromolecule
● Manufactured (synthetic) fibers
● Medulla
● Mitochondrial DNA
● Monomer
● Natural fiber
● Nuclear DNA
● Telogen
1. What are the layers of a hair and what is the forensic significance of each?
2. What protein pigment gives hair its colour and what colours is it made in?
3. How does Locard’s Principle apply to the transfer of hair and fibers from one to another?
4. What are the stages of hair growth and what happens during each stage?
5. What are the differences in the root in each stage?
6. Describe how to collect and package clothing and fibers.
7. What is the difference between natural and synthetic fibers?
8. What is the medullary index and what can it help determine?
9. Can dyes, bleach, chemical treatments affect the ability to get mitochondrial DNA from hair?
10. Are there differences in hair between ethnic groups? Body area? EXPLAIN!