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My expectations for this subject, Elementary Surveying, are that I
would be able to learn everything that is needed in this subject and that I
would likewise be able to make use of them in the future. I am also
expecting that the professor is kind and understanding, but not in a way
that would warrant him spoonfeeding students but instead would really
utilize effective teaching methods that would both engage us to do our best
and lead us to learning without being overly strict. I expect that the quizzes,
activities, and discussions wouldn’t be too hard and would be finished well
given enough preparation and study.
I expect that taking up Elementary Surveying would inculcate values
and knowledge to me and the rest of the class. I expect that the work we’ll
do would be fruitful and would form camaraderie alongside the pursuit of
knowledge as regards the subject. I expect that before we do our activities,
the professor would give us adequate instructions and tips so that we could
do them without much ado.
So far, my expectations in the beginning of the term have been vindicated.
Indeed, the activities were done with explanations given by the professor
beforehand to ensure that they would be done with minimum delay and
errors along the way. The quizzes are relatively easy but are challenging at
the same time. Our discussions are by far very informative and help me
understand the subject in better ways. Learning isn’t forced, and with the
teaching-learning process put forward by both professor and students,
lessons taught in classes bring forth the result of total learning.
The activities we have done so far have not only helped us learn about
Elementary Surveying by being in the field, but have also helped us
classmates form stronger bonds and understand what needs to be learned
I hope that everything we learned this term will be with us, all the
knowledge we’re taking in would be of use in the future – in the next
subjects and come the time we’re full-fledged engineers. I hope that the
exams wouldn’t be too difficult, and that with preparation we’ll pass the
subject. I hope that our final grades would be sufficient for us to pass
Elementary Surveying.
I likewise hope that the grades of the projects that we have passed are high
because we did our best in making them, and made sure that they would
suffice. I also hope that the professor would be considerate in checking our