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WeAuction Brochure- Def

Every industry can benefit from online
auctions. With online auctions, you can
reach your target group anywhere
around the world. This means bigger
reach, which leads to more
transparent bidding and higher
auction revenue. Don’t want to let go
of offline auctions just yet? No
problem. Our hybrid auctions let you
have the best of both worlds.
Our 10 years of experience have taught us what our clients want and what they
value the most. We have translated the needs of our clients into the following
High Quality Video
Online bidders have no disadvantage
when it comes to getting a good
impression of the auctioned object.
Video streaming and bidding without
Customizable interface
So you don’t have to sacrifice your
brand identity for user convenience.
data and -systems. Or upload via our CSV upload.
Our auction technology protects your
and your user’s data, as well as the
anonymity of anonymous bidders.
We have experience with big
auctions and can accomodate large
amounts of people accessing the
server at once.
Different auction types
We have experience with multiple bidoptions. Hybrid, online, silent, it is up
to you which type of auction suits you.
Full control
Our system is bullet-proof, you don't
need a trained operator to manage
the auction.
Connect to existing data
Possibility to interlink between existing business
Data security
The data collected within your online
auctions belongs to you and only you.
A fully developed
software platform that
has been providing
online auctions for more
than 10 years.
Your own bidding
system that allows you
to extend your reach.
An easy-to-use
bidding system with
no hidden costs.
Our sharp statistics
in sales through our
auctioning platforms
to set up a complete auction
delay in audio and video
sales to be run simultaneously
clients use our software
countries we’re available in
We are more than an auction technology platform. We
are a team of experts with decades of experience in
the worlds of auctioning and real-time technology.
Curious about our software, or want to brainstorm about the possibilities?
Give us a call or request a free demo.
Paul Rijk
Sales & Business Development
Stationsplein 45
+31(0)10 742 18 12
+31 (0)6 41 31 46 52
3013 AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands