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MODULE NO. 1 Housekeeping
a. Provide housekeeping services to guests
b. Display professional standards
c. Care for the guest property
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A product, normally in liquid format, used to clean a surface
Free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained
A shortcoming, fault, or imperfection
Any chemical agent used chiefly on inanimate objects to
destroy or inhibit the growth of harmful organisms
Dry Cleaning
The cleaning of garments, fabrics, draperies, etc., with any of
various chemicals rather than water: garments for cleaning
in this way
Anything provided as equipment, parts, supply
Furniture, carpeting, etc., for a house or room
The maintenance of a house or domestic establishment.
A small kitchen or part of another room equipped for use as
a kitchen
Articles of clothing, linens, etc., that have been or are to be
Failure to function properly
Manual handling
The act of pushing, pulling or lifting
The act or process of making a plan or plans
A rule, a definite course of action
To make smooth and glossy, especially by rubbing or friction
A particular course or mode of action
Provision of supplies
Providing housekeeping items including equipment,
cleaning products and cloths
(Australian Aid, ASEAN, William Angliss Institute, Specialist Center for Hospitality and Tourism
The Housekeeping department takes pride in keeping the lodging clean and comfortable, so as
to form a ‘Home absent from home’. The point of all settlement foundations is to supply their
clients with clean, alluring, comfortable and inviting encompassing that offer esteem for cash.
Nothing sends a more grounded message than cleanliness in a neighborliness operation. No
level of benefit, neighborliness or excitement can break even with the sensation a visitor has
upon entering a spotless, clean and helpfully orchestrated room. Both administration and visitor
consider the keeping of the put clean and in a great arrange a need for an inn to command a
reasonable cost and can get rehash commerce.
Housekeeping is an operational office in a hotel, which is dependable for cleanliness, support,
stylish upkeep of rooms, open range, back zone and environment. Lodging survives on the deal
of room, nourishment, refreshments and other minor administrations such as the clothing,
wellbeing club spa and so on. The deal of room constitutes a least of 50 per cent of these deals.
Hence, the major portion of the hotel’s edge of benefit comes from the room deals, since a
room once made can be sold over and over once more. The exertion that a housekeeping
office makes in giving a guest an alluring room features a coordinate bearing on the guest’s
involvement in an inn. Guestrooms are the heart of the inn. The housekeeping office not as it
were plans clean guestroom on a convenient premise for arriving guest, but moreover cleans
and keeps up everything within the inn so that the property is as new and appealing as the day
it opened for commerce. Housekeeping, hence, is a subordinate office that contributes in an
enormous way towards the in general notoriety of a property.
It is appropriately said that housekeeping may be a 24 x 7 x 365 operation. Imagine the stacks of
material required to form up all the beds in a inn, the miles in the event that carpeting, floor,
walls and ceiling to be cleaned and kept up, and cleaning compounds in conjunction with
uncommon apparatuses and gear required in arrange to clean.
Other than hotels, proficient housekeeping administrations are exceptionally much in request in
clinics, on voyage liners, at workplaces and more. Since most such organizations lean toward to
outsource these capacities, contract housekeeping is getting to be a well-known in these days.
Housekeeping plays a very important role in hospitality industry such as: -
➢ To accomplish the most extreme conceivable productivity in guaranteeing the care
and consolation of visitors and within the smooth running of the department
➢ To build up an inviting climate and guarantee respectful, solid benefit from all staff
of the department.
To guarantee a tall standard of cleanliness and common upkeep in all regions for
which the office is responsible.
To give cloth in rooms, eateries, dinner corridor, conference settings, wellbeing cl
To donate uniforms for all the staff and keep up palatable inventories for the same.
To cater to the washing necessities of the lodging cloth, staff uniforms and visitors’
To Give and keep up the flower enrichments and keep up the arranged regions of
the hotel.
➢ To facilitate redesign and refurnishing of the property as and when, in meeting with
the administration and with insides designers.
➢ To bargain with misplaced and found articles.
➢ To guarantee preparing, control and supervision of all staff connected to the
➢ To set up a great working relationship with other department.
➢ To guarantee that security and security controls are made known to all staff of the
➢ To give uniforms for all the staff and keep up satisfactory inventories for the same.
Hotel Rules and Regulation
Hotel rules / House rules are administration approach or understandings between the guest and
the hotel. More often than not, these arrangements are said on the guest enlistment card which
is marked by the guest at the time of check-in.
In Addition to this, a duplicate of rules and control is additionally kept in all visitor rooms for visitor
to examined and understand the administration arrangements. This could moreover incorporate
the nearby government arrangements which got to be taken after by the guest.
Hotel Rules and Management policies
In order to create your stay as wonderful as conceivable, the Management requests your
participation in watching the taking after as an agreement between the guest and the
management beneath which rooms are allowed to be utilized by the guest(s). At all be
dependable for any misfortune / or harm to the Guest's belongings or any other property from
either the hotel room or the locker or any other portion of the hotel for any cause at all counting
burglary of pilferage to stopping, early check-in or late check-out, room bundles, in-room
services such as a bottled of wine, updated Wi-Fi and indeed cross-selling openings such as
breakfast every day or spa services.
Housekeeping is a vital range in any convenience property. Most individuals see housekeeping
as basically „cleaning guest rooms‟ but from an operational point of view there's a part more to
housekeeping than fair that. The part of housekeeping is to guarantee the consolation and
security of guests while they are remaining at a neighborliness organization.
This can be the guest’s 'home absent from home'. It is fundamental that that a guest is able to
appreciate their room within the same way and with the same ease as they would appreciate in
their claim house. The point of housekeeping is to endeavor to empower visitors to get to things
as effortlessly as in their own home.
Justifiably a convenience room is significantly smaller in measure than the customer's ordinary
home and thus things that they may require might not be in quick get to. Housekeeping is a
critical zone in any settlement property.
Types of guest requests
There may be numerous times amid a move when the room orderly will have to be handle visitor
demands and the reasons can shift need for item sent to the room
A guest may request services or products such as:
Additional gear in their room – since they have amid their remain that are not suited by the
needs typical in-room things
Valet or laundry service – common among long visitors
Additional bedding – where the existing bedding unacceptable, awkward or inadequately is
Extra tea, coffee, sugar and drain sachets – a ask where the visitors spend a part of time in
common their room
➢ Extra crockery or cutlery – where the room highlights a kitchen or kitchenette usually too a
common ask particularly where visitors need to engage in their rooms
➢ Vases – for blossoms that have been conveyed to them
➢ Replacement things such as hair dryers, toasters, irons and electric containers to supplant
things that are not working
➢ Extra washroom visitor supplies – another common ask for long-term guests: guests with long
hair frequently inquire for additional cleanser and conditioner
➢ Additional things in abstract – such as letterhead paper, envelopes, postcards, pens, note
➢ Additional towels – to suit additional showers or showers taken by the visitors: where the
property includes a swimming pool usually a common ask
➢ Extra hangers for dress, additional pads, additional covers
➢ A control transformation board – to adjust their electrical gear to the control supply of the
scene: common where the property caters to a few universal visitors
➢ Ice and ice buckets.
Rectification cleaning - guests may request an advancement within the overhauling of room.
They require housekeeping staff to supply medicinal benefit to the room when the initial room
benefit is regarded by the guest to be sub-standard
➢ Clean-up after an in-room party or excitement
➢ An extraordinary room benefit where they have spilled something on the floor.
Lost and found
Guests may too contact housekeeping when making a Misplaced and Found inquiry. They may
have found anything in a room they have fair been roomed in or they may contact
housekeeping after they have withdrawn to investigate almost something they have misplaced.
Housekeeping is regularly the office that works the Misplaced and Found office for a scene
since most misplaced and found things come from guest rooms.
Handling guest complaints
Tragically, even with the finest of intentions, things can sometimes go off-base and result in a
guest complaint. As distinguished
some time recently, a few demands are in fact complaints.
The taking after are rules to help in managing with a client complaint
➢ Remain charming at all times, but don't smile when the guest is complaining
➢ Listen without interruption
➢ Know the right method and the foundation approach on managing with customer
➢ Ask the guest how they would like you to resolve the issue
➢ Focus on the issue and don’t take the complaint individual
➢ Apologize to the visitor for any burden
➢ Advise your supervisor and get their input as to how they feel you taken care of the
Use guest name where possible
When managing with a guest request, the room attendant ought to recognize the guest by
addressing them by their title, on the off chance that suitable and conceivable.
It is said that an individual likes nothing superior than to listen the sound of their possess title.
Utilizing the guest’s name is an excellent way of personalizing the service and showing that the
individual guest is esteemed.
Make beyond any doubt in any case simply take after any house approaches that might apply
to utilize of guest’s names.
These more often than not reflect for the most part appropriate guidelines of kindness, such as:
➢ Avoid utilizing to begin with names – as it were utilize final names
➢ Never utilize monikers
➢ Get the elocution right – in case you're not beyond any doubt you'll do this, utilize “Sir‟ or
➢ If you don’t know the guest’s title or have overlooked it address the visitor by “Sir‟ or “Madam‟.
Record housekeeping requests according to enterprise requirements
Affirm and note subtle elements of the request:
Confirming what is needed
The key to usually repeating back to the guest what it is they have told you they need, utilizing
your foundation information to clarify any regions that are not clear.
For example, on the off chance that a visitor phones and says they need more towels, you
would like to decide what estimate towels they need. In case the guest tells you they have
spilled something in their room and need it cleaned up, you ought to inquire the nature of the
spill (what was spilled, what it was spilled on, and how huge the spill is) so you'll be able get
ready for what is required.
Sometimes the guest will inquire questions almost what is accessible to suit their need, so you
would like to reply precisely and truly to these questions. It is vital that honesty is utilized so merely
dodge making wrong desires within the intellect of the guests.
Noticing subtle elements of what is required
The key to this can be to not depend on your memory but or maybe to compose down the
significant points of interest.
This advice applies whether the request comes in person or over the phone. There should
continuously be note paper and a pen close the phone within the housekeeping division and a
room specialist ought to continuously have a note pad and pen as standard items when they
are working.
When a guest makes a request simply write down:
➢ Guest name
➢ Room number
➢ Specifics of the request – type of item or service required, number involved (where
appropriate – “6 wine glasses‟)
➢ Time for delivery to the room that was agreed to.
It is continuously shrewd to affirm the points of interest to spare time, exertion and guest
frustration in the event that the wrong item or service is conveyed. There may regularly be
communication challenges caused by diverse languages, need of neighborhood information,
tiredness and newness with the property
1. Clean and dust shelves and containers before placing the guestroom supplies inside the
2. Check for threads and/or hair follicles that might twirled around the of the trolley.
3. Check the rubber bumper if they are worn out.
4. Check the screws or any sharp edges that could catch your clothing or create cuts on
your skin.
5. Request for guestroom supplies like linen amenities, cleaning chemicals and cleaning
tools from your supervisor.
6. Stock the trolley with the requested supplies according to allocated par stock or
according to the number of guests.
7. Label all the chemical sprayers to avoid mixing it with other chemicals.
8. Stock the trolley by putting all the guestroom amenities on the top shelves.
9. Place the folded bed sheets and towels in the second shelf of the cart.
10. Put all the chemicals at the lower level of the shelves including the tools like scouring
pads, rags, spatula, etc.
11. Place the vacuum cleaner and other equipment in the other side of the trolley.
12. Clean the soiled linen canvas and put plastic under liner on the trash.
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Prepared by: Cherryl T. Clausen, CHP
Date Submitted: January 24, 2022
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