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MCQs to the topic Pathophysiology of RBCs. Posthaemorrhagic anemias. (made by Pathophysiology Department)

#On the seventh day after hemorrhage caused by a trauma, the following was revealed in a patient’s
blood: erythrocytes - 2.8x1012/l, Hb - 3.9mmol/l, reticulocytes - 15%, acidophilic and
polychromatophilic normoblasts were found in smear. What is the mechanism of appearance of
regenerative forms of blood erythrocytes?
-Going out of blood deposition
-Increase permeability of erythrocyte sprout of bone marrow
-Intensification of regeneration of erythroid cells in bone marrow
+Inhibition of maturation of erythroid cells in bone marrow
-Inhibition of synthesis of erythroprotein inhibitor
#Singular oxyphilic normoblasts appeared in the blood of a patient after acute post-traumatic
hemorrhage composing 15% of blood volume. On supravital staining 25% of reticulocytes were
found. What is the patient anemia according to its ability of regeneration?
-Hypo- and aregenerative
#A patient had anemia due to profuse blood loss. What blood changes are typical at the beginning
of development of acute post-hemorrhagic anemia?
-Presence of megalocytes in the blood
-Absence of reticulocytes
-Poikilocytosis, anisocytosis
#While studying a blood smear different forms of erythrocytes were found. Which of them are
The experiment was carried out on a rabbit. The increase of the number of erythrocytes and
hemoglobin in the blood due to the stimulation of erythropoiesis by erythropoietin was determined
2 weeks later after the narrowing of renal artery. What increases the formation of erythropoietin?
#B12 folic deficiency anemia developed in a patient after stomach resection. What color index is
typical for this disease?
#A victim of a car accident has lost much blood. What impairment of general blood volume takes
-Simple hypovolemia
-Polycythemic normovolemia
-Olygocysthemic normovolemia
-Polycystehmic hypovolemia
+Oligocysthemis hypovolemia
#Posthemorrhagic anemia has developed in a patient with periodical bleeding due to uterus
fribromyoma. What type of chronic post hemorrhagic anemia takes place in this case?
-Megaloblastic, hyperchromic, hyperegenerative
-Megaloblastic, hypochromic, hyporegenerative
-Erythroblastic, hyperchromic, hyporegenerative
-Erythroblastic, hypochromic, hyperregenerative
+Erythroblastic, hypochronic, hyporegenerative
#What kind of disorders of total blood volume appears in case of absolute erythrocytosis?
+Polycytemic hypervolemia
-Oligocytemic hypervolemia
-Oligocytemic hypovolemia
-Simple hypervolemia
-Simple hypovolemia
#During the examination of adolescents that reside in mounting region increase in level of
erythrocytes and hemoglobin in peripheral blood was found out. What is the reason for indicated
+Exogenous hypoxia
-Diseases of lungs
-Congenital heart disease
-Condensation of blood due to large loss of water
-Vakes’s disease
#B12 deficiency anemia was diagnosed in a man aged 57 after examination of him. Treatment was
administered to this patient. Control blood test in this patient was performed in 3 years. What is the
most adequate criterion for enhancement of erythropoiesis?
+Increase in number of reticulocytes
-Increase in hemoglobin content
-Decrease in color index
-Normoblastic hematopoiesis
-Increase in number of leukocytes
#Hypochromic anemia was diagnosed in a patient on the 7th day after acute hemorrhage. What
mechanism is the leading one in its development?
-Increase of iron excretion from the organism;
-Impairment of globin synthesis;
-Increased erythrocyte destruction in the spleen;
-Impairment of iron absorption in the intestine;
+Increased penetration of immature erythrocytes from bone marrow