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Lesson 1-Assignment

In order to change the present and improve the future, it is crucial to validate,
investigate, analyze, and explore the history or significant happenings in the past.
Reading and examining the text about the meaning and relevance of history, I
conclude that this is a great stepping-stone to find accurate solutions, to amend our
mistakes, to understand fully the nature of a certain field, and to navigate us to a
better world where facts and reliable resources are the only basis for human
knowledge. It changes the way we interact, the way we think, and the way we
make decisions into possibilities—by considering different levels of intuition and
the old acquired knowledge from our past experiences and approved studies of
another person. It also serves as a trail mark for us to follow or to change the route
depending on the given situation. Overall, studying history is essential not only for
our own good but also to upcoming generation—history serves as a guide to
achieve human development.