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historical foundations

Education is very important to everyone, it says that Eduaction is the key to success but
not all has the opportunity to study and earn their diplomas. To the Filipino, knoeledge is
acquired through education. Although they are generally agree that education can be obtained
inside and outside school, they believe that primary sources of knowledge are taken at the
schools. Thus building a strong foundation and legal bases when it comes to education, the
government is always there to set a law to make it effective to everyone.
The education system of the Philippines has been highly influenced by the country’s
colonial period. It has undergone several stages of development from the pre-Spanish times to
present. In meeting the needs of society, education serves as a focus of emphasis/priorities of the
leadership at a certain period. During the pre-hispanic period, there was no established formal
schooling. The education was informal, unstructured and devoid of methods; the parents in the
housee serves as the teacher during those times. Children on those days were trained and
provided more on vocational training and less academics. During the American regime,
American serves as the first teachers. They brought many cultural and traditional changes to the
country during their colonization.. Under Japanese regime, love for work and dignity of labor
was emphasized.
All in all I just wanted to say and it gives so much realization for me that Eduaction should be
accomplished for everyone. It is really essential for us because it gives recognition and people
can earn. It serves as a powerful tool that cannot be stolen by anybody. Being educated helps
people gain more knowledge and maximize our potentials as we are growing.