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Top 7 marketing tools every services and tech firm
Must use
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ou need to have a marketing engine to drive consistent quality leads for your services or tech
firm. Only then can you expect to propel your company forward to grow at a rate up to 5X faster
than your competitors.
Service and tech firms typically have longer sales cycles and require higher levels of engagement
throughout the buying process, as compared to other industries.
This means a unique approach is needed. Using a cookie cutter marketing approach will result in
a lot of wasted time and effort, and low to no ROI.
Key components of an inbound marketing engine include: a brand positioning strategy, SEO tailored
and strategic content marketing, technical SEO and link building, social media marketing, and lead
nurturing. The ideal percentage mix is unique for each industry and target audience.
Once the components are in place to fuel your marketing, the engine must be monitored and
constantly tuned so that your results grow and accelerate rather than plateauing and
stagnating. This requires proper tools.
Tools will help to identify weak links of the marketing engine, so they can be repaired to maximize
results. Even a single weak link or leakage can become a crippling bottleneck that stops
the engine from functioning properly. Poorly planned and executed campaigns typically have weak
links, making them prone to failure.
This book outlines some key tools you can leverage today for immediate growth in traffic and leads,
so you can stay far ahead of the competition.
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Google Analytics
& Webmaster Tools
(integrated together)
f you know which pages have ‘leaks’ where people are leaving the site, then you can make
adjustments that will lead to higher ‘time-on-site’, and in turn gather more leads.
Similarly, by knowing the percentage of people who clicked your listing from Google you can identify
the click-through-rate (CTR) and point out any weak pages.
Minor adjustments can then be made to Meta and title tags to increase the CTR from Google
and immediately increase traffic. Monitor these small changes regularly as you fine-tune what’s
working and what isn’t.
Knowing your non-branded visitor count tells you how many new visitors were directed to your
site from search engines and eliminates those who specifically set out to look for you.
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all conversions
Google Analytics Goals
Call Rail or
racking leads captured through forms and phone calls is critical in identifying weak spots on
your website.
‘Goal’ analytics from these tools show exactly when the leads were generated. You will also be
able to track which pages the leads came from and identify the conversion rates for leads across
all pages. By improving the low converting pages you can dramatically increase leads
Lastly, call tracking provides great insight into call handling weaknesses internally through call
recordings which management can review.
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nurture &
score leads
our buyers are coming to you at all stages of the buyer cycle. Top-of-the-Funnel TOFU visitors
are looking for educational content and haven’t yet realized what their exact problem is. While
Middle-of-the-Funnel MOFU visitors have a specific need for which they require information,
Bottom-of-the-Funnel BOFU visitors are ready to buy.
Lead nurturing helps to educate and steer your prospects towards purchasing your
service, effectively shortening your buying cycle and beating out your competition. The email
sequences for service and tech firms are unique.
Once those leads are gathered, a marketing automation platform can be used to score them
for their purchase probability based on their interaction with your site, from the number of pages
visited, to the number of offers they downloaded.
This scoring system helps determine their place in the buyer’s journey and places them in the right
lead nurture tracks for engagement.
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hidden traffic
ou’ve likely heard of rank tracking, whereby your main keywords are tracked to see their positions
in Google. While this is great to see, it’s also important to track new ‘hidden opportunity’
keywords for which your site starts to rank. These opportunity keywords are phrases for
which you may not even know you are ranking.
To capture these keywords, you must use specialized scraping tools that will recognize those
keywords. One such tool is SEMRush, which provides proactive insight into keywords as you start
to rank in search results.
You can also use this to monitor your competitors’ new keywords and see their historical traffic
growth to determine who is aggressively marketing against you.
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analyze interaction
on each page
GA bubbles
ou may have invested in a great site with media and content, but if nobody sees parts of it, those
efforts are wasted.
There are specific tools you can use to identify exactly which parts of a page people are
viewing, how far they are scrolling, and which links and buttons they are clicking.
This information can be used to expand one page’s success to other pages and identify weak areas.
Ignore your assumptions about the user experience and use the data to tell you what is working.
Based on the data, split testing can be used to increase the engagement on each page.
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seo breakdowns
Screaming Frog
Netpeak Checker
Majestic SEO
SEO Quake
ften changes online will affect your rankings, traffic, and lead flow. This can be caused by
changes in search engine algorithms, by increased competition, and by technical
breakdowns on, or off, your site.
You need to monitor the onsite SEO factors of your site constantly while making adjustments
and testing. This can be done by using scraping and crawling tools such as Screaming Frog,
Majestic SEO, or Netpeak Checker.
Monitoring offsite SEO is equally important. This requires tracking the statistics of your
actual web domain along with the incoming links so you can identify any major aberrations
or losses, and address them quickly.
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Use Proactive Lead Capture
With Split Testing
Sumo me
Add this
Optin monster
our site might be getting several thousands of visits, however if you are only converting
0.5% of those into leads, there is major leakage.
Typical conversion rates for optimized sites range from 0-2%. With proper use of opt-in banners,
offers, content recommendations, and ‘lead magnets’ you can increase those as high as
4-8% for services and tech firms, with some pages being as high as 20-40%!
The key is using the right mix, without overdoing it, and constantly testing for conversion. A proper
strategy of offers and messaging is also key to maximizing the effect of your efforts.
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