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Bayview Bulletin 2022

Monday 28th February
No GEM meeting Monday the 28th.
There will be NO GEM meeting this upcoming Monday (the 28th) as both Jas
and Brit are on School Camp. We look forward to seeing you all in room 17 the
following week on Monday the 7th.
Year Level Areas
The following areas have been allocated to each year level for Recess and Lunch
Year 9:
Recess and lunchtime:
Year 9 students will have access to the wetlands area and also the Atrium.
Year 8:
Recess and lunchtime:
Year 8 students will have access to the area between the B-wing and Atrium.
Year 7:
Recess and lunchtime:
Year 7 students will have access to the area in front of the portables and the grass area next to the gym
Physical Activity during Recess and Lunch
Further to the guidelines regarding year level areas during lunch and recess, a roster system has been created for the three
main physical activity areas to separate year levels in-line with Covid-safe practices set out by the department. There are
three ‘Active’ Areas:
1. The Oval
2. The synthetic courts and Table tennis tables
3. The basketball courts.
The following roster system will be in place while all students are on campus
Bulletin Notices: Notices to the bulletin are to be emailed to bulletinb@willihigh.vic.edu.au Note: Deadline is 3.30pm Mon, Tues,
Thurs, Fri and 2:30pm on Wednesdays